Archives for April 12, 2015

House Bill Would Give Land Trusts Power Over Private Forestlands

Unsuspecting property owners may find themselves on the outside looking in A seemingly innocuous, bipartisan House bill introduced in late March could subject unsuspecting landowners to the whims of power-hungry environmental groups, eager to usurp the property rights of those who fall into their clutches. At risk are owners of private forestlands, who may soon […]

Shakeup at Virginia Land Trust Makes Waves

Now the fox is in charge of the henhouse! The abrupt departure of a high-ranking official from the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) is fueling speculation that the controversial land trust is feeling the heat from revelations of its transgressions against a Virginia farmer. Heather Richards joined the PEC in September 2006, initially serving as director […]

Windham County Districts Revolt Against School Consolidation in Vermont

A backlash over statewide school consolidation is under way in Vermont as members of the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Board sent a letter to state officials this week expressing united opposition to H.361. At a full meeting of the Board Tuesday night, representatives from all six school boards in the supervisory union voted in favor of a statement critical […]

Contract Extension Could Leave Landowners Flapping in the Breeze

Critics say a proposed legislative fix violates the spirit of the law against special legislation for corporations and undercuts options for landowners who may rethink their involvement with wind developers. The controversy focuses on the 82-megawatt Black Oak wind farm — on the drawing board in Stearns County since 2008. State law requires that wind energy projects […]

Using the Global Warming Hoax to Destroy America

When President Obama announced on March 31 that he intends to ensure that the U.S. will slash its “greenhouse gas emissions” 26% below 2005 emissions levels by 2025 in order to keep pledges made to fulfill the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, he failed to mention that such levels would be comparable to what […]