Archives for April 5, 2015

BREAKING: Legislation Launched to SHUT DOWN the UN’s Agenda

Senator Jim Inhofe added an amendment to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that would potentially shut down parts of the United Nations if the treaty were to pass. Prior to Inhofe’s amendment, Senator Mike Crapo added an amendment to push back Obama’s Department of Justice and their Operation Choke Point. Operation Choke Point was an overreach […]

8 Things You Wouldn’t Think Are Spying On You, But Are

The next time you take a trip to the mall, make sure you give those mannequins a big smile. The surveillance industry’s latest recruit—joining the ranks of the Statue of Liberty, vending machines, Kinect, and a litany of other seemingly innocuous retail products—is store mannequins. The $245 billion dollar luxury goods industry currently avails itself […]

Common Core, Part 3

LEARN the FACTS about Common Core’s Communist Roots The latest installment in a series from Dr. Dennis Cuddy, “Common Core: Part 3” was published on NewsWithViews, March 30, 2015. Dr. Cuddy wrote about a trip that the “‘Father of Progressive Education’ (and later National Education Association honorary president) John Dewey” took to the Soviet Union […]

Institutionalized Corruption in the Spotlight

By now, most people are aware that our governments – federal, state and local – are out of control.What is not so obvious is that governments are out of control because they are uncontrollable due tothe institutional structures that have been implemented over the last century. The mission and purpose of government has been lost […]