Archives for April 3, 2015

Herbicides Used with GM Crops Alter Antibiotic Resistance of Disease-Causing Bacteria

Authors answer questions on new study, which shows that exposure to Roundup and other herbicides could contribute to antibiotic resistant disease. A new study has found that exposure to the herbicides used on GM crops changes how susceptible disease-causing bacteria are to antibiotics. In many cases the bacteria became more antibiotic-resistant, though in other cases […]

Leaked TPP Investment Chapter Reveals Serious Threat to User Safeguards

A newly leaked chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement from Wikileaks has confirmed some of our worst fears about the agreement. The latest provisions would enable multinational corporations to undermine public interest rules through an international tribunal process called investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). Under this process, foreign companies can challenge any new law or […]

Lamar vs. Aldous

NO WAY, ESEA! The ULTIMATE REVOLUTION ~Wrap-around health services ~Community welfare “hubs” A 3D Research Report by a Grassroots Mother Coming at us from every direction. . . . Lamar Alexander’s blueprint for the Reauthorization of the ESEA agenda is based on an old roadmap developed by Aldous and Julian Huxley. Lamar’s agenda can be […]