Rising Enemy Within: Private Police Fits New World Order Script

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privatepoliceFirst I want to say that many cor­po­rate (secu­ri­ty) sym­pa­thiz­ers tend to defend pri­vate polic­ing, but this arti­cle will debunk all their argu­ments and show how pri­vate polic­ing is the end-all end-game ulti­mate threat to free­dom in Amer­i­ca and human­i­ty as a whole, all in the name of pro­tect­ing cor­po­rate prof­its $ while work­ing hand in hand with gov­ern­ment for their greater long-term new world order plans.

In 2014 I cov­ered the ris­ing threat of pri­vate secu­ri­ty now arrest­ing Amer­i­can cit­i­zens in the streets of Amer­i­ca after wit­ness­ing first­hand the arrest of a gen­tle­man in Hol­ly­wood, Cal­i­for­nia. The pri­vate secu­ri­ty com­pa­ny looked very threat­en­ing with guns, bul­let­proof vests and the whole tyran­ny out­fit. The fright­en­ing scene looked more like a SWAT mil­i­tary sit­u­a­tion with around 10–15 ful­ly armed agents and mul­ti­ple near­ly unmarked cars, only there were no tanks or machine guns that I saw. To my cha­grin, a clos­er look showed that no police were present, all of this was being done in the name of pri­vate police!

Since this arti­cle and accom­pa­ny­ing video I’ve been attacked by some with com­ments claim­ing this is no big deal, that I’m exag­ger­at­ing, an idiot, a fool and that I don’t know what I’m talk­ing about because pri­vate secu­ri­ty is a good thing. Let’s take a look at the issue more closely.

To add some his­tor­i­cal per­spec­tive, pri­vate secu­ri­ty has been around in the U.S. since at least the late 1800s. Pri­vate secu­ri­ty boomed in the ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry, and by the 1930s pri­vate secu­ri­ty com­pa­nies were becom­ing a prob­lem due to their ques­tion­able tac­tics. Accord­ing to one research site:

The ear­ly twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry might be thought of as a gold­en age of pri­vate detec­tive firms. The Pinker­ton Agency, for exam­ple, is cred­it­ed with influ­enc­ing the devel­op­ment of inves­ti­ga­tion tech­niques used by the pub­lic police through its sys­tems of sur­veil­lance and its devel­op­ment of a file sys­tem that was used by the Fed­er­al Bureau of Inves­ti­ga­tion until it devel­oped its own case file sys­tem (Sklan­sky 1999; Drap­er 1978; O’Reilly and Elli­son 2004). Indeed, it was not until the 1930s that pri­vate secu­ri­ty stature and legit­i­ma­cy came to be ques­tioned. A sig­nif­i­cant event in this process was the estab­lish­ment of the La Fol­lette Com­mit­tee to inves­ti­gate threats to civ­il lib­er­ties (par­tic­u­lar­ly labor-relat­ed threats) asso­ci­at­ed with the pri­vate secu­ri­ty indus­try. A par­tic­u­lar cause for con­cern was Pinkerton’s use of espi­onage tech­niques and oth­er meth­ods to break strikes and mon­i­tor indus­tri­al activities.

As you can see, back in the 1930s pri­vate secu­ri­ty was already cor­rupt help­ing police and gov­ern­ment to spy on cit­i­zens ille­gal­ly, all in the name of prof­its and long-term gov­ern­ment agen­da. Even back then, the cit­i­zens were the ene­my and gov­ern­ment agen­da and prof­its were the goal. Since way back then up to this day pri­vate secu­ri­ty is sold to Amer­i­cans as a tool for “safe­ty.” This is a lie we’ll deal with later.

One thing that should con­cern all Amer­i­can cit­i­zens is the rate of growth of pri­vate security/police. Accord­ing to a series of reports by Hall­crest known as “Hall­crest Report I: Pri­vate Secu­ri­ty and Police in Amer­i­ca” and “Hall­crest Report II: Pri­vate Secu­ri­ty Trends 1970–2000,” which were pub­lished in 1985 and 1990 respec­tive­ly, pri­vate secu­ri­ty back then already out­num­bered pub­lic police by about 3:1 ratio. Sim­i­lar­ly, accord­ing to Wikipedia by 1990 pri­vate secu­ri­ty con­sti­tut­ed three quar­ters of all police in America.

So with­out a doubt the con­cept of pri­vate secu­ri­ty is looked upon favor­ably by gov­ern­ment who always works with cor­po­ra­tions to get their agen­da done. This expo­nen­tial rise of pri­vate secu­ri­ty should alarm every­one that it is all by design not by coin­ci­dence. The argu­ment of “free enter­prise” can­not be applied here. This is polic­ing of we-the-peo­ple; it fits in with gov­ern­men­t’s desire to con­trol the peo­ple, and gov­ern­ment has been involved in this growth from the begin­ning work­ing hand in hand with pri­vate secu­ri­ty unlike a ser­vice or prod­uct that is tru­ly a result of the free market.

Debunk­ing the ratio­nal­iza­tion of pri­vate policing

Unde­ni­ably, pri­vate police expand expo­nen­tial­ly the amount of police per­son­nel avail­able to con­trol, sur­veil, snitch, report, pun­ish, arrest, fine and detain civil­ians. This expo­nen­tial polic­ing plays into the new world order plans per­fect­ly. Despite all of this, some peo­ple who defend pri­vate polic­ing are resort­ing to the same hand­ful of excus­es to ratio­nal­ize or jus­ti­fy the need for pri­vate police. Here are some of the claims made.

1 — Pri­vate police are more “trust­wor­thy” than pub­lic police

Those who defend pri­vate polic­ing claim that pri­vate police are more trust­wor­thy than pub­lic police. This is an ad hominem based on assump­tions and not based on any actu­al evi­dence. This excuse takes a known prob­lem (police are cor­rupt) and uses this known prob­lem to leap to an unproven con­clu­sion — that pri­vate secu­ri­ty must some­how be more hon­est. As not­ed above, pri­vate police had integri­ty and eth­i­cal issues going back to the ear­ly part of the 20th cen­tu­ry, and that has nev­er changed. Pri­vate secu­ri­ty ben­e­fit­ed as much or more than any oth­er indus­try after 9/11; and there is no rea­son to think they are hon­est, have integri­ty or have an incen­tive to look out for indi­vid­ual cit­i­zens and freedom.

Let’s not for­get that pri­vate police do not take an oath to defend the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion. They are not sworn to pro­tect cit­i­zens, they are some­times (depend­ing where they work) expect­ed to defend “cus­tomers” but that is only relat­ed to “cus­tomer rela­tions” which is ulti­mate­ly relat­ed to cor­po­rate prof­its. The idea that a group of peo­ple who only answer to a for-prof­it cor­po­ra­tion can be trust­ed to defend basic human rights, human dig­ni­ty, and free­dom when it is clear­ly not in their job descrip­tion or call of duty is entire­ly unre­al­is­tic and naive.

2 — Pri­vate police serve the “greater good”

Those defend­ing pri­vate polic­ing claim that the pri­vate police, specif­i­cal­ly those part of BID or Busi­ness Improve­ment Dis­tricts which are now being giv­en the pow­er to arrest Amer­i­can cit­i­zens on the streets serve the neigh­bor­hood and act as good ambas­sadors. They argue as if pri­vate secu­ri­ty is a vir­tu­ous well-mean­ing enti­ty only inter­est­ed in peace and love. Where have we heard this before? Gov­ern­ment has been claim­ing this for years — “Gov­ern­ment is good, gov­ern­ment cares about you…” and so on. And any­one pay­ing atten­tion knows these are just lies to paci­fy any­one stu­pid enough to think that gov­ern­ment (or pri­vate secu­ri­ty) actu­al­ly cares about you. Thus the pri­vate security/private police advo­cates are play­ing the exact same card claim­ing it’s for the greater good of the neigh­bor­hood. It’s all lies and the­ater; they oper­ate for the greater good of prof­its and to sup­port the ris­ing police state and new world order noth­ing else.

As for the actu­al pri­vate secu­ri­ty offi­cers, the foot sol­diers on the streets, they are being lied to just like our mil­i­tary is lied to. The illu­sion that pub­lic police are lied to and mil­i­tary are lied to for the greater agen­da but that some­how pri­vate police are not lied to, is naive and igno­rant. Those defend­ing pri­vate polic­ing are thus only see­ing the nar­row pic­ture and ignor­ing what is real­ly hap­pen­ing with the rise of the police state and tyran­ny. That’s the police state and the ris­ing tyran­ny that their boss­es won’t tell them about. Their job, just like the mil­i­tary, is to shut up and do as they are told. When will peo­ple final­ly real­ize that it’s ALL about mon­ey and power?

3 — Pri­vate police/security keep neigh­bor­hoods “safe”

This brings up the impor­tance of dis­tin­guish­ing between “feel­ing” safe ver­sus actu­al crime drops. Yes peo­ple “feel” safer with pri­vate secu­ri­ty but is this based on any real­i­ty? Does­n’t the con­trol sys­tem delib­er­ate­ly keep the peo­ple in fear in order to jus­ti­fy more and more polic­ing, all for your sup­posed own “safe­ty”??

If you ask me, con­sti­tu­tion­al­ly speak­ing, cit­i­zens have the right to pro­tect them­selves and pro­vide their own safe­ty. If we need­ed to be kept safe from dan­ger this is all the more rea­son for aver­age cit­i­zens to exer­cise their 2nd Amend­ment rights to bear arms. The notion that you need to be kept safe by a 3rd par­ty, for-prof­it group of peo­ple is a joke and a decep­tion to jus­ti­fy the police state while increas­ing profits.

With that said, stud­ies have been done in the past eval­u­at­ing the crime drop effect of the Guardian Angels in the 1970s in San Diego. At least one study showed that the neigh­bor­hoods not policed by the Guardian Angels showed LESS crimes than those policed by the Guardian Angels. As expect­ed peo­ple said they felt “safer” and “prop­er­ty” crime specif­i­cal­ly dropped.

They seem to cut crime a bit. The most detailed research on their activ­i­ties com­pared an area of San Diego patrolled by the Angels with a part of the city where they were absent. Sur­pris­ing­ly, vio­lent crime fell more in the “ordi­nary” area than in the one patrolled by the Angels. But prop­er­ty crime fell much more in the area where the Angels oper­at­ed. One find­ing, though, was unequiv­o­cal: 60% of res­i­dents said they felt safer thanks to the young­sters’ presence.

Once again, this serves as a reminder that the “safe­ty” sold by these pri­vate for-prof­it cor­po­ra­tions is about keep­ing prop­er­ty safe not peo­ple safe. It’s also about giv­ing pri­vate for-prof­it cor­po­ra­tions LEGAL pow­er over you. It’s a cor­po­rate takeover in many ways. Cor­po­ra­tions have long want­ed this pow­er and more than ever now they see a chance to tru­ly have pow­er over you.

More prob­lems with pri­vate police

The fact of the mat­ter is that once we accept the con­cept of pri­vate police roam­ing the streets of Amer­i­ca with pow­er to arrest and detain as the pri­vate mil­i­tary cor­po­ra­tion Black­wa­ter had in Iraq, the sky is the lim­it for these cor­rupt cor­po­ra­tions work­ing with gov­ern­ment as we saw with Black­wa­ter aka Acad­e­mi, XE. Remem­ber, as with Blackwater/Academi/XE there is no guar­an­tee that these pri­vate police will do what is moral, eth­i­cal, or what is right because they are entire­ly unreg­u­lat­ed and unac­count­able to the pub­lic. They only answer to a cor­po­rate for-prof­it enti­ty. If you think pub­lic police, who actu­al­ly take an oath to defend the Con­sti­tu­tion are cor­rupt, wait till the UN-account­able pri­vate police mafia becomes the norm. Cor­rup­tion is a human prob­lem not a pub­lic police prob­lem and it is every­where; any Amer­i­can who naive­ly accepts this new pri­vate police par­a­digm is lit­er­al­ly sign­ing off on the end of America.

Pri­vate police is not militia

Do not con­fuse the con­cept of pri­vate mili­tias with pri­vate cor­po­rate for-prof­it police. Huge dif­fer­ence! Some peo­ple are try­ing to defend pri­vate police by paint­ing them out to be equiv­a­lent to the mili­tia “for the peo­ple”. Don’t go for this. The idea of a mili­tia, which not sur­pris­ing­ly the gov­ern­ment oppos­es (think Bundy Ranch stand­off), is designed to guard the peo­ple of the repub­lic from a tyran­ni­cal gov­ern­ment. Pri­vate police on the oth­er hand, are con­tribut­ing to the con­cept of tyran­ni­cal gov­ern­ment and would nev­er align them­selves against a cor­rupt government.

Ask your­self, why is our gov­ern­ment so eager to give pow­er to pri­vate police? So eager the prac­tice goes back over 100 years? Why are pri­vate police nev­er por­trayed by the main­stream media as un-Amer­i­can, a poten­tial threat to free­dom or a poten­tial ter­ror threat like they por­tray the militias??

If and when it all goes down (SHTF), if and when order is lost and tyran­ny and mar­tial law com­plete­ly takes over, you can be sure all of these unreg­u­lat­ed, uncon­sti­tu­tion­al pri­vate secu­ri­ty work­ing for these for-prof­it cor­po­ra­tions endorsed by big gov­ern­ment will act as an exten­sion of gov­ern­ment. Any­one who thinks oth­er­wise is fool­ing themselves.

The rise of these nev­er-to-be-trust­ed for-prof­it pri­vate police with the pow­er to arrest is thus a major threat to Amer­i­ca any way you look at it and every Amer­i­cans bet­ter be ready and do what you can now to oppose this course we are on. Those defend­ing this agen­da, like those who defend end­less war and fake ter­ror will argue vio­lent­ly to defend both their prof­its and the long-term agen­da that guar­an­tees them a seat at the table of pow­er and tyran­ny so don’t be fooled.

Don’t for­get that Hitler had his pri­vate police also who oper­at­ed under pri­vate rules and com­mit­ted atroc­i­ties. Pri­vate mer­ce­nar­ies have arguably a blood­i­er his­to­ry than pub­lic police and armies. The les­son to learn here is that humans can be cor­rupt, and humans under the con­trol of a tyrant or tyran­ni­cal empire will do as they are told.

Psy­chol­o­gy exper­i­ments have proven this over and over again. Humans will do as they are told even if it means harm­ing, ille­gal­ly detain­ing, arrest­ing, even tor­tur­ing or mur­der­ing some­one in the name of “I was told to do it.”

So as the rise of the near­ly invis­i­ble threat of pri­vate police con­tin­ues in Amer­i­ca let’s remem­ber the past days when it was “only” the pub­lic police killing the inno­cent, and the gen­er­al pub­lic was able to iden­ti­fy pub­lic police cor­rup­tion and stand up to it. Let’s remem­ber how bad it was when the “reg­u­lat­ed” police were killing every­one with­out con­se­quences. Let’s remem­ber when the evil and cor­rup­tion was still quan­tifi­able because when the rise of pri­vate police is done, the cor­rup­tion and evil will be so impos­si­ble to stop or even quantify..

Just imag­ine how easy it will be for big gov­ern­ment to reach into your life when any­one can don a uni­form and claim to be “pri­vate police”. This is the same gov­ern­ment that has cre­at­ed, armed and fund­ed Al Qae­da and ISIS. Think about this — What will you do when pri­vate police begin to wear masks to hide their faces for “pro­tec­tive” rea­sons just like the riot police do now? What about when a few false flags result in the new reg­u­la­tion that allows pri­vate police to have mil­i­tary gear? Get the pic­ture? Any­one who thinks this is not the road we are on is lying to you and to them­selves and prob­a­bly just defend­ing pri­vate secu­ri­ty and pri­vate police profits.

Con­sid­er that since 9/11 the U.S. has spent bil­lions of dol­lars on so called Pri­vate Mil­i­tary Cor­po­ra­tions or PMCs. If the U.S. gov­ern­ment is will­ing to fund pri­va­ti­za­tion of mur­der in oth­er coun­tries why would they not do it at home? Think. Who are these com­pa­nies who are being giv­en the author­i­ty to arrest U.S. cit­i­zens in the streets of Amer­i­ca? What ties do they have to government?

Final­ly, what we are see­ing is Oba­ma’s promise to recruit a pri­vate army of civil­ians come to pass. Amaz­ing isn’t it? With all the cam­paign promis­es bro­ken, THIS ONE he keeps! In his cam­paign Oba­ma said:

We can­not con­tin­ue to rely only on our military…we’ve got to have a civil­ian secu­ri­ty force just as pow­er­ful, just as strong, just as well-fund­ed. We can­not con­tin­ue to rely only on our mil­i­tary in order to achieve the nation­al secu­ri­ty objec­tives we’ve set.

This was in the plans all along. So what will you do when the day comes that some­one knocks on your door and it’s not the police? They’re armed, they’re scary and they’re look­ing for you, but it’s not police, it’s out­sourced pri­vate police. Who will you turn to then?

In the end, this is all part of the new world order where the life and free­dom of the indi­vid­ual is expend­able. Where the indi­vid­ual has no rights and is just a pawn in a big­ger scheme of prof­its, pow­er and con­trol. Speak up now or for­ev­er hold your peace. The takeover is under­way from with­in, can you hear the foot­steps com­ing? Can you see the cage with your name on it? Or per­haps you can see your name on that tomb­stone with the words engraved “Live free or die”.