Watch Out For Opt Out!

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Charlotte Thomson IserbytA “Seis­mic Shift” In Assess­ing Studentsseismic shift

“The group calls for what’s called “assess­ment lit­er­a­cy” for teachers, 
but also admin­is­tra­tors, school boards, par­ents — and students.”

A 3D Research Report by Mari Caplan

Many par­ents, under­stand­ably fed up by the aggres­sive test­ing asso­ci­at­ed with Com­mon Core Stan­dards or now Career and Col­lege Ready Stan­dards, are demand­ing that they be allowed to opt out of the high stakes test­ing. In some cas­es they are allowed to do this. And increas­ing­ly we are hear­ing from the edu-crim­i­nals words to the effect that, “Gosh, par­ents may be right after all and we don’t need to test so much anymore.”

Care­ful Par­ents! This is a bait and switch!

The ONLY rea­son the edu-crim­i­nals are sug­gest­ing that they may not need BIG tests any longer is because the sys­tem of ASSESSING your child to see if she has been brain­washed with the desired val­ues, atti­tudes, and behav­iors, is now BAKED into the school day and cur­ricu­lum. Through­out her class time she is watched; She is ASSESSED while doing her class work, dur­ing her recess, and with­in her class com­put­er time.

As this arti­cle “Edu­ca­tion Pan­el’s Pro­pos­al Could Shake Up Test­ing In Ore­gon Schools” (02/08/15), reveals:Seismic

….teach­ers assess stu­dents dur­ing class con­stant­ly, in ways stu­dents bare­ly notice. [Ed. note: Are they sure about that?] “Every two to three min­utes, you’re assess­ing your stu­dents, where they are with the assign­ments you’re giv­ing to get feed­back from them.”

Here is an exam­ple of the won­der­ful new tech­nol­o­gy (Thanks Pear­son!) that teach­ers will be using to assess your kids using your tax dol­lars to fund it!BOSS

Per­haps this is point­ing out the obvi­ous but “Behav­ioral Obser­va­tion of Stu­dents in Schools (B.O.S.S.) soft­ware was designed to enable psy­chol­o­gists to observe…” [stu­dents]. Clear­ly, this is NOT exact­ly how this tool is being planned for use in schools.

How is it legal or even remote­ly eth­i­cal for untrained Teach­ers to be expect­ed to use devices like these to assess the psy­cho­log­i­cal sta­tus of your child!!!!!

The arti­cle con­tin­ues on to say that new tech­nol­o­gy for assess­ments would be a good thing.

It’s mon­ey well spent, says teach­ers’ union leader Han­na Vaandering.
“We’ve been spend­ing mil­lions of dol­lars on high-stakes, stan­dard­ized tests. This is a bet­ter way. We should invest those funds in the bet­ter way, instead of what cur­rent­ly is tak­ing away from stu­dent learning.”

This new (tax­pay­er-fund­ed bet­ter way) tech­nol­o­gy can also take the form of adapt­able com­put­er­ized soft­ware pro­grams, more often than not, in the form of some role play­ing com­put­er game, used by indi­vid­ual stu­dents who play as part of a team.

For instance, say the stu­dent plays a com­put­er game in social stud­ies, say Minecraft, for exam­ple. This specif­i­cal­ly designed soft­ware for the Stan­dards ASSESSES a student’s respons­es and ADAPTS as he plays in sub­se­quent ses­sions (they have their own unique login num­ber) to make the game play­ing hard­er or eas­i­er depend­ing upon how well the stu­dent is “learn­ing” the desired behav­ioral standard.

As this YouTube video promotes:

We [per­son­i­fied games] know when­ev­er you click. We know how long you stood wait­ing to make a jump. We can take in vast amounts of data and if we want, dynam­i­cal­ly alter the expe­ri­ence [of the stu­dent] based on that data.”Seismic Dead

Here is some­thing for par­ents to consider:

If parents can’t even get a hard copy of the current high stakes assessments that their children are taking now, how are they EVER going to get evidence, much less be aware of, the assessments given to their children via computer games or teacher smart phone apps based on a child’s experiential or project-based work, or any of the other invisible assessment model coming down the pike?

Addi­tion­al links describ­ing Minecraft in the class­room to help teach the Standards.

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