Public Law 105-85

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FA Note:  Those trying to raise the alarm about P.L. 105-85 faced an uphill battle. Federal law libraries did not have a copy of this bill, and those of us with copies were rebuffed by conservative talk radio hosts as quacks, assuring us Congress would never approve such legislation. 

Geoengineering is the most serious and pressing issue now occurring in our world.

I have watched the decimation of trees, insects and the health of our population due to the nonstop aerosol spraying of toxic metals, primarily aluminum oxide, strontium and barium. California is now a wasteland thanks to the application of solar radiation management and HAARP. Oregon is next. They have created an unprecedented drought on the West Coast, which means no food or very expensive food for the rest of the country.

People scoff at the idea, but they need to look at the law in place: Public Law 105-85, Section 1078, passed Nov. 17, 1997, gives the government permission to spray whatever they want over us unless we express in writing that we do not consent within 30 days since it was made public, our silence and ignorance of this gave them the consent.

There are over 100 patents concerning the geoengineering program. This is a soft-kill genocide program that is killing our immune system and the ability to fight off infections and disease. We are breathing in this poison, and there is no ventilation system that can keep it out of our air conditioning or heating system.