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Agenda 21 Bill Rejected In Montana

An Agenda 21 bill in Montana was rejected by lawmakers earlier this week. The bill was reportedly designed to protect property rights and states rights from the dictates and regulations in the non-binding United Nations plan. The Montana Agenda 21 bill was sponsored by Sun River Republican Randy Pinocci. House Bill 583 failed by just […]

Drones overhead in L.A.’s Valley are tracking mobile devices’ locations

It was only a matter of time before drones started monitoring signals from mobile devices. Since early February, several small drones flying around the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles have been determining mobile devices’ locations from Wi-Fi and cellular transmission signals. They are part of an experiment by Singapore-based location marketing firm Adnear, which […]

Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015

Continue to vote with your dollar “Non-GMO is More Profitable.” This is the rising sentiment among farmers of the US as a confluence of factors urges them to become pro-organic. From falling GMO grain prices to a rising tide of public distrust of genetically modified ingredients, failing GMO traits, higher GMO seed prices, and the […]

Vermont to lose 3.4 percent of manufacturing jobs due to federal climate regs

Vermont will lose 3.4 percent of its manufacturing jobs by 2023 due to Obama administration climate regulations, according to a report on the impact of EPA rules on labor. In recent years, the EPA has issued new rules for power plants and vehicles in an attempt to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Geoengineering Is Changing Extratropical Cyclones Which Drive Most of The Earth’s Weather

Geoengineering Is Changing Extratropical Cyclones Which Drive Most Of The Earth’s Weather Intense geoengineering activity across the planet is influencing weather patterns globally to unprecedented levels. After studying one year of video on aerosols emission and transport, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has found aerosol pollution is changing weather and climate around the planet and strengthening […]

The Number One Reason Why Americans Will Not Fight Back Against the New World Order

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” Edmund Burke Our Congress has an all-time low 9% approval rating, and Obama’s overall popularity is in the toilet. It has been 12 years since I declared war upon the central bankers when they tried to steal my property and that […]

HR-5 Denies Parents Their Right Over Their Own Children

No Way, ESEA! The disinformation campaign has already revved up The spin doctors are going into high gear! Stay informed by reading this blog! We will continually be posting updated factual, well-documented information. Anita Hoge’s alert posted on this blog, has also now been posted on NewsWithViews HERE.

ALERT: HR 5, the Student Success Act of 2015

The following information is critically important. It should go viral immediately. Send it to every parent and grandparent, school board member, state legislator, voter, friend…. Post it on Facebook, websites, blogs, etc. Time is very short! This bill is on the FAST TRACK! The vote on H.R. 5 may take place as early as Tuesday […]