Elites’ Eugenics & Depopulation Agenda Accelerating At A Terrifying Pace

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eugenicsBefore delv­ing into the recent news arti­cle show­ing that the Elite’s Eugen­ics and depop­u­la­tion agen­das are mov­ing for­ward at a ter­ri­fy­ing pace, lets first look at the descrip­tions of both agen­das which the glob­al­ists are push­ing at the world from all angles.

Eugen­ics: is a social phi­los­o­phy advo­cat­ing the improve­ment of human genet­ic traits through the pro­mo­tion of high­er repro­duc­tion of peo­ple with desired traits [pos­i­tive eugen­ics], and reduced repro­duc­tion of peo­ple with less-desired or unde­sired traits [neg­a­tive eugen­ics]. (Source)

Depop­u­la­tion Agen­da: is an immi­nent plan to reduce pop­u­la­tion using an over­pop­u­la­tion cri­sis as the pre­text, or a secret eugen­ics plan cov­er-up. The elite thus need to kill off the “use­less eaters” so, in the first case, they sur­vive the cri­sis and, in the sec­ond, they can cre­ate either enough robots to replace them, or a new race of obe­di­ent super-humans. (Source)

There are mul­ti­ple, long lists of elit­ists that have pub­licly spo­ken of their desire to “depop­u­late” the world and recent dis­cov­er­ies have shown that using gov­ern­ment sources, there is a pro­jec­tion of a pop­u­la­tion drop, in the US alone, of 78.2 per­cent by the year 2025. Then of course we have the Geor­gia Guide­stones, which pro­motes a set of guide­lines in eight dif­fer­ent lan­guages, that fur­ther pro­mote a one world gov­ern­ment and depop­u­la­tion, just to name the two  of those guide­lines that are rel­e­vant to this arti­cle. (Source)GGTabletEugen­ics is a social move­ment claim­ing to improve the genet­ic fea­tures of human pop­u­la­tions through selec­tive breed­ing and sterilization,[1] based on the idea that it is pos­si­ble to dis­tin­guish between supe­ri­or and infe­ri­or ele­ments of society,[2] played a sig­nif­i­cant role in the his­to­ry and cul­ture of the Unit­ed States pri­or to its involve­ment in World War II. (Source)

Of course Hitler took Eugen­ics far­ther and than 400,000 peo­ple were ster­il­ized against their will, while 275,000 were killed under Action T4 . Also food for thought is that over 1,500, sci­en­tists, tech­ni­cians, and engi­neers from Nazi Ger­many and oth­er for­eign coun­tries were brought to the Unit­ed States for employ­ment in the after­math of World War II, which were giv­en new iden­ti­ties, raised fam­i­lies and taught the them same “moral” val­ues they held, under Oper­a­tion Paper­clip.

Eugen­ics sup­pos­ed­ly end­ed being prac­ticed in the US, but of course it did­n’t, it just slid under the radar.

Which brings us to a small sam­ple of cur­rent news, which when all the above is con­sid­ered, should chill you to the very bone.

Start­ing with a recent arti­cle from Amer­i­cans for Tax Reform we see that the IRS, respon­si­ble now for the over­sight of Oba­macare, via their annu­al report to Con­gress, admits that they can­not be reached by phone, nor ccan they leave a voice­mail, but must instead send an email to sched­ule an appoint­ment, which as ATR clear­ly points out, specif­i­cal­ly hand­i­caps the dis­abled and the elder­ly dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly.

Demo­graph­ic research data show only 57 per­cent of adults over age 65 use the Inter­net com­pared with 87 per­cent of all adults. Accord­ing to 2010 Cen­sus data, only 41 per­cent of those with a non-severe dis­abil­i­ty use the Inter­net and only 22 per­cent of those with a severe dis­abil­i­ty age 65 and old­er use the Inter­net. For those with­out Inter­net access, the only viable ways to reach the IRS are by phone, or in person.”

Next up is a recent BBC arti­cle, titled “Design­er babies’ debate should start, sci­en­tists say,” described as “genet­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied for beau­ty, intel­li­gence or to be free of disease.

Let’s fol­low up with an over-the-top state­ment by Pope Fran­cis, report­ed on Mon­day by USA Today, where the Pope  states after a vis­it to the largest Catholic nation in Asia, that Catholics may have a moral respon­si­bil­i­ty to lim­it the num­ber of their chil­dren and need not repro­duce “like rabbits.”

Sounds a whole lot like the US gov­ern­ment all the way to the high­est reli­gious lead­ers, are all push­ing Eugenics.

Now scroll up and and remind your­self about the depop­u­la­tion agen­da, where it is believed the pop­u­la­tion must be reduced, but specif­i­cal­ly men­tioned is replac­ing peo­ple with robots, which brings us to more “news” being report­ed, includ­ing but  not lim­it­ed to; robots giv­ing news con­fer­ences, robots work­ing at hotels, and talk of robots tak­ing over jobs of min­i­mum wage human employees.

15 years ago author, researcher and radio per­son­al­i­ty Steve Quayle was told by a for­mer EPA work­er, the same work­er who first dis­closed the red, green and blue lists, that there was a “UN Cura­tive Process” which was a hid­den agen­da to get rid of the sick, the elder­ly and the handicapped.

We are watch­ing the esca­la­tion of that very agen­da play out right before our very eyes and these things are being report­ed as if they are the most nat­ur­al thing in the world by the main­stream media.

Which brings us back full cir­cle to the Deagel.com web­site arti­cle where we find out, using gov­ern­ment sourced fig­ures, that the US pop­u­la­tion is expect­ed to drop from 316+ mil­lion now to only 69 mil­lion by the year 2025.……   which means we are about to see this accel­er­ate even far­ther, soon.