Education Reform Explained in 8 Minutes

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Charlotte Thomson IserbytThe back­ground of the Reau­tho­riza­tion of the ESEA

This 8‑minute YouTube video is gain­ing trac­tion. Watch it here: 


Please keep it mov­ing. Please for­ward to your media contacts.

Published on Jan 24, 2015, Angela Alef and Karen Champagne gave their presentation in Memphis, TN on 10/29/2014. Charlotte Iserbyt of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America was present, and gave introductions.

This intro­duc­tion packs a whole lot of his­to­ry into 8 min­utes. It does explain exact­ly what Amer­i­cans are look­ing at relat­ed to the his­to­ry of edu­ca­tion and what will be carved in stone if the ESEA is reauthorized.

Please write your Sen­a­tors and Rep­re­sen­ta­tives to ask that Ani­ta Hoge be includ­ed in hear­ings relat­ed to Reau­tho­riza­tion of ESEA to be held in March! Ani­ta Hoge is the nation­al expert on edu­ca­tion, tax-fund­ed school choice/charter schools with unelect­ed boards, assess­ment, reme­di­a­tion of inap­pro­pri­ate val­ues, data col­lec­tion, and inter­na­tion­al womb to tomb “education/workforce train­ing agen­da.” Read her bio, includ­ed in blog post Grass­roots Activist Ani­ta Hoge, and you will, I am sure, agree with me.

If this bill pass­es, the Amer­i­ca we know and love will be a thing of the past.

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