Archives for January 24, 2015

Smartphones will begin categorizing users’ mental health; gun seizures will follow

The Digital Age has produced some remarkable technology and will continue to do so, but as each new innovation springs forth, more of us are finding that we are not as comfortable with it as we once thought we might be. One of the latest examples comes from a new iPhone app that appears capable […]

Secret TPP Negotiations—And Public Protests—To Be Held in New York City

The next round of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations begins this Monday, January 26, and runs through the following week at the Sheraton New York Time Square Hotel in downtown Manhattan. As with many previous TPP meetings, the public will be shut out of talks as negotiators convene behind closed doors to decide binding rules […]

Bill Gates Rules the World

Databanking Everybody Everywhere From the article above, “Bill Gates: digital learning will revolutionise education in global south“, Cheaper smartphones and tablets, advances in software and better network coverage will revolutionise the way children in developing countries learn over the next 15 years, according to the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates…. “The educational software is […]

Trans Pacific Partnership: Obama ready to defy Democrats to push secretive trade deal

The TPP has drawn the ire of Democrats including Elizabeth Warren who object it will destroy jobs, limit online freedom, increase outsourcing and derail climate agreements. Ironically, it has made allies of his (her?) GOP rivals. The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement so significant and important, its details can’t be disclosed.