Archives for January 14, 2015

History of the “Farris” Wheel

Going Round the Legislative Loop circa 1990s The following extremely well-documented article from the 1990s sheds considerable light on the previous two posts that investigated Michael Farris of HSLDA: Farris’s Ferris Wheel… and Going Round the Farris Wheel. It was authored by Mary McCarthy and is republished with her permission.

We Need to Stop the White House From Putting TPP and TTIP on the Fast Track To Ratification

Senators are now working around the clock to re-introduce a bill that would put trade agreements on the fast track to passage in the US after those deals are finalized. Deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have been negotiated in almost complete secrecy, except for private industry […]

‘Unprecedented Mobilization’: Hundred Thousand Rise Against Irish Water Tax

FA Note: Around the world water is being collectivized through “privatization”. The goal is to get water out of the hands of individuals. Control the water – control the people. Via centralized water people will be forced to live where and how those in control desire. Centralization of water means you will live where you […]