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Going Round the Farris Wheel

Michael Farris: More Disturbing History and Questionable Associations Since the post yesterday, “Farris’s Ferris Wheel…“, a number of individuals have sent additional links with more research and background information on the disturbing activities of Michael Farris. Below are some further items for readers to explore. Again, read this yourself and draw your own conclusions. Warning: […]

Ditching US dollar: China, Russia launch financial tools in local currencies

China and Russia have effectively switched to domestic currencies in trading using financial tools as swaps and forwards, as they seek to reduce the influence of the US dollar and foreign exchange risks. The agreement signed in the end of October comes into force Monday, December 29, and provides a currency swap of CNY150 billion […]

Who is Robert Pondiscio and What Does He Think About the Questioning of Common Core?

This is what happens when an education reformer doesn’t want to answer serious questions about Common Core. He blocks ‘raving maniacs’ (parents/taxpayers/teachers/administrators) concerned about the lack of research/data on Common Core and the fact that the creators/validation Committee had to sign non-disclosure agreements. He insists he wants to deal in facts but when asked about […]

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Weather as a Force Multiplier:   Owning the Weather in 2025    A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 by Col Tamzy J. House Lt Col James B. Near, Jr. LTC William B. Shields (USA) Maj Ronald J. Celentano Maj David M. Husband Maj Ann E. Mercer Maj James E. Pugh August 1996 ———————————————————————————-

Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by Technology and the Internet of Things

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me.’” ― Philip K. Dick If ever Americans sell their birthright, it will be for the promise of expediency and comfort delivered by way of blazingly fast Internet, cell phone […]

Oceans not acidifying – “scientists” hid 80 years of pH data

Empirical data withheld by key scientists shows that since 1910 ocean pH levels have not decreased in our oceans as carbon dioxide levels increased. Overall the trend is messy but more up than down, becoming less acidic. So much for those terrifying oceans of acid that were coming our way. What happened to those graphs?