Archives for January 10, 2015

Local lizard may be named an endangered species

The California Fish and Wildlife Commission is set to consider whether the flat-tailed horned lizard, whose habitat includes the Algodones and Imperial sand dunes west of Yuma, should be listed as endangered. The Center for Biological Diversity’s petition to the state seeking endangered status was accepted by the department’s staff and sent on to the […]

PEN America: “The Harm Caused by Surveillance…is Unmistakable”

PEN America published a report this week summarizing the findings from a recent survey of 772 writers around the world on questions of surveillance and self-censorship. The report, entitled “Global Chilling: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers,” builds upon a late 2013 survey of more than 500 US-based writers conducted by the organization. […]

Farris’s Ferris Wheel…

Mike Farris’s Disturbing History and Questionable Associations Many think that Michael Farris is the good guy in the white hat who heroically rides in on his white horse to save the day for homeschoolers. Many are not aware that Farris has a controversial history that goes back three decades. Farris, head of Homeschool Legal Defense […]