Woman Tasered By Police For Filming Man’s Arrest

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Kianga Mwamba

Kianga Mwamba

FA Note:  Remember, everything about Agenda 21 is about control.

A Baltimore, Maryland woman was tasered by police for video-recording police. The officers were engaged in a separate arrest, which the woman explains did not seem right. So she hit record on her cell phone.

Officers immediately sprung into attack mode, yelling “you a dumb bitch!” as one of the officers yanked her from her vehicle.

Now, 36-year-old Kianga Mwamba is suing the Baltimore City Police Department for damages.

Kianga was driving home on March 30th of this year when the melee ensued.

“You telling me I can’t record,” Kianga can be heard saying on the video as police tell her to leave the scene.

“I’ll park. I’ll park. I’ll park,” she explains, so the police cannot have any legal problem with her actions.

Suddenly an officer yells, “Out of the car. Out of the car.”

Then Kianga yells out in pain: “He burning me. He burning me!”

Police tried to erase the 135-second video from her phone, but the video was already on the cloud account, and she easily retrieved it later.

The Circuit Court for Baltimore City lawsuit says that Kiango is seeking $7 million in damages from the city.

The lawsuit also says that Mwamba was arrested on assault charges but those charges were later dropped. An officer can be heard saying on the video: “You a dumb bitch, you know that?”

“What did I do?” she responds.

“You just tried to run over an officer,” the officer alleges, even though it was clear that nothing of the sort had transpired.