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Oregon public school sex-ed conference promotes sex toys, sexting, and using meth to 11 year olds

FA Note:  Common (Communist/Soviet) Core State Standards were adopted in Oregon in 2010. This conference should surprise no one  when both Marx and Engels believed that monogomy and marriage were harmful to the “commune”. Life, body and love were to be public/communal property. What would you call an adult stranger who teaches your 11 year old where […]

Thanks, Property Rights!

FA Note:  The international treaties and agreements cited in the ESA, which authorize the Act, were all negotiated to protect each nation’s agricultural economies and the communities dependent on them. Simple logic, and basic economics, both dictate – if a “market” exists/develops for any species, their numbers will grow. This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for something […]

In Recent Prairie Dog Case, the Federal Government Admits Something it Tries to Cover-Up

Little noticed in the recent court decision about the Utah prairie dog, which struck down for the first time the listing of a species under the Endangered Species Act, is the federal government admitted something that it and other proponents of the Act have long tried to conceal: the Act restricts and prevents otherwise normal […]