John McCain Trying to Use NDAA to Give Tonto National Forest to a British Mining Company

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I think at a certain point one has to understand that globalization amounts to treason. These greedy Vichy politicians we have in Washington need to be removed before they hand over everything in the country that isn’t nailed to the floor.

This is Tonto National Forest. It is yours. It is this country’s fifth largest forest and has on average 5.8 million visitors annually. It was set aside as a national forest back in 1905 in order to protect its watersheds around key reservoirs used by the people of the communities around it which include Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescot, Snowflake, Winslow and the Fort Apache Reservation. 

“The forest produces an average of 350,000 acre-feet of water each year” feeding into Theodore Roosevelt Lake and the Salt River which bisects the national forest running east to west. In 1955 Eisenhower used Public Land Order 1229 to protect parts of Tonto National Forest from the mining industry that wanted to despoil it for profits. There’s copper in them there hills and therefore, there’s gold. Thanks to that and the work of conservationists over the decades, without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful unspoiled areas this nation has left… and Sen. John McCain wants to give it to a British mining company by using the latest version of the NDAA to do it.

Located in Tonto National Forest is a unique spot known as Apache Leap. This is the location of one of the most heroic and beautifully inspiring stories of our shared heritage in this burb we call ‘Merica… and yet far too few even know it exists. I’ll let Survival Solidarity explain.

“In the midst of an 1870 battle, US Calvary forced Apache warriors to the edge of a cliff. With the taste of defeat in their mouths standing eye-to-eye with their possible captors’, more than 80 Apache warriors escaped, leaping off the cliff and through the air to their deaths. These days at the base of that mountain chunks of obsidian can be found. They are known as the tears of the Apaches. Apache Leap, that battlefield of the past is once again the stage for a war against accelerated colonization.” Survival Solidarity

The Apache warriors chose death rather than to submit to their occupiers and watch from some reservation as their land and culture slowly died around them. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

This is the Tonto National Forest and it and the heritage behind it, belongs to you. But maybe, not for much longer.

Sen. John McCain is trying his best to hand over the mining rights, for free mind you, to a British and Australian company called Rio Tinto and their subsidiary called Resolution Copper.

But Rio Tinto and Resolution Copper have spent millions lobbying Congress and donating to lawmakers, according to data from federal election records and the Center for Responsive Politics. And according to opponents of the deal, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and backers in the House are trying to attach the deal to must-pass legislation — most likely the National Defense Authorization Act, which comes from the Armed Services Committee that McCain will chair starting in January. Huffington Post

Over at the Huffington Post, you will find that they seem to have a problem with the fact that Iran and China both have subsidiary interests in Rio Tinto and seems to be the big hangup they have with the traitorous action of Sen. McCain.

Funny isn’t it? For the “liberal” Huffington Post, it seems they don’t have a problem with British colonization of American national forests, but God Forbid a dirty Iranian get a piece of the globalist pie.

Sickening really. But what do you expect from the Huffington Post these days.

Rio Tinto ” is a British-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation with headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and a management office in Melbourne, Australia.” Sitting on it’s board of directors are former chairs of the Bank of England and News Corp (Fox News)

Resolution Copper is the project to extract the natural resources from that national forest created by Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, and Australian company.

The legislation being proposed by Sen. McCain allows these foreign agents the freedom to decimate our nation forest without any regard to the landscape they will destroy or the water resources used by so many in the area.

RC has openly admitted to the fact that their process of mining would create significant land subsidence. The ambiguousness of the bill leaves an open playing field for destruction with no end.  Without the necessary research, there is no telling what extent the land subsidence will occur at—And what current co-existing parts of the ecosystem will be lost in the process of their mining.

The bill would allow RC to move forward with the project, void of any research on the blight it would cause. There is no discussion of water resource use, acquisition or disposal for the proposed mine at Oak Flat. The drilling of wells for water use with the mine would throw central eastern Arizona’s water table into a blur of instabilities in an area that is already has severe water problems. Survival Solidarity

The bill actually goes a little farther than that in that it gives the land to the foreign companies so environmental reviews are prohibited by law seeing as how the mining would be taking place of private property. Private property that used to belong to us. And the details of the sale, the sale of your property, is a proprietary trade secret owned by the purchaser, Rio Tinto.

So you aren’t allowed to know how much a British company is paying for your national forest.

The bill restricts environmental reviews to applicable federal laws, which rarely apply to private lands,” Grijalva said. “Even if we find that there’s going to be effects on the watershed, effects on groundwater, effects on sacred sites, that there is not an equitable trade in terms of net value, then there’s no remedy or mitigation that we can ask for because it’s on private land.”

Rio Tinto noted that the bill contains provisions for appraising and adjusting the amount Resolution Copper pays to the government, but Grijalva said there’s no way to ensure it would be adequate.

Information regarding what the net value is is proprietary,” Grijalva said. “How much is this federal asset worth? Is this a fair trade or not? We don’t know.” Huffington Post

It’s ironic isn’t it? Sen. McCain handing over a major national asset which includes a living monument to the unshakable will of a people who refused to submit to an occupying force and doing so by handing it over to a company based out of the last nation to occupy ours.

Maybe John will let them burn down the White House again just for fun.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s rising to a level of treason in my book. Of course, treason isn’t anything new for John McCain, is it?