Global Censorship Chokepoints — Tracking Internet Censorship Proposals Worldwide

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Global Internet Chokepoints: Tracking Internet Censorship Proposals Worldwide

About Global Chokepoints

Glob­al Choke­points is an online resource cre­at­ed to doc­u­ment and mon­i­tor glob­al pro­pos­als to turn Inter­net inter­me­di­aries into copy­right police. These pro­pos­als harm Inter­net users’ rights of pri­va­cy, due process and free­dom of expres­sion, and endan­ger the future of the free and open Inter­net. Our goal is to pro­vide accu­rate empir­i­cal infor­ma­tion to dig­i­tal activists and pol­i­cy mak­ers, and help coor­di­nate inter­na­tion­al oppo­si­tion to attempts to cut off free expres­sion through mis­guid­ed copy­right laws, poli­cies, agree­ments and court cas­es. Scroll down to see a list of coun­tries cur­rent­ly fea­tured for threat­en­ing free expres­sion through copy­right cen­sor­ship. Learn more.

Our site is cre­at­ed and main­tained by free speech advo­cates world­wide. Want to help us grow? Con­tact us.