Cells of Insurrection

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In what kind of twisted world would Oath Keepers – Oath Keepers to the Constitution of the United States, be considered domestic terrorists? That’s the question that was asked last week in an interview with Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers.

Ferguson_MOAfter listening to the interview, I thought I should check to see where Ferguson, MO is located because I thought the answer might be found in that location. Sure enough, Ferguson is five miles from the St. Louis Intl. Airport.

Researchers in Missouri should be looking at the economic dev.  plans for that side of the airport because there may be other plans for Ferguson related to the Airport.

That thought might seem to be coming out of left field – no pun intended, but it actually isn’t. There is an open insurrection in our country but it’s not being reported in the mainstream media as such. To begin to understand it, there are two videos you need to watch:

Benjamin Barber, on his book, If Mayors Ruled the World
C-Span, Book-TV, January 29, 2013

Panel Discussion on Mayors with Benjamin Barber and 3 mayors of towns in Massachusetts.
C-Span, Book-TV, October 25, 2014

Summarizing Barber’s main point, the original body politic was the city. The organization of a city was too small to deal with the problems of a globalizing world – hence the nation-state was born. Presumably, with high speed communications and international transportation systems, Barber and the movement he represents believes that the nation-state is no longer needed and that cities need to be become citistates – essentially, a return to the idea of Rome as a citistate. In a panel discussion, he mentioned city citizenship which is a bizarre idea in this country but apparently that’s the system that exists in Communist China. It is also the system in the City of London and the Vatican which are both citistates.

The first clue I had regarding this movement to eliminate the nation-state that included mayors, was when I was looking into the bizarre actions of Boise Mayor Brent Coles. At the time, I couldn’t form a solid conclusion of what he was up to that led to his resignation in disgrace so I did a timeline on his – and the mayors of the surrounding towns activities.

One of the things I discovered was that there was an international conference of mayors in Lyon France that was sponsored by the German subsidiary of the Aspen Institute in April of 2000. Mayor Brent Coles was the Conference Vice-President. Coles was a little fish from a little pond who was seduced into thinking that he was a global player. The mayors at that conference were told that they would have to formulate their own foreign policy.

International Cities   (see bottom of page)

In many places on my website, I have documented at length the legislation and federal policy that enabled the mayors of cities to consider themselves as global players that are managing logical islands (aka Trojan Triangles) in a global world. The source of the internationalization is the proximity to an international transportation hub (as international port) and the Interstate Highways that have been defined as shipping lanes under international law. Add to this, the collusion between the mayors surrounding towns and the business leaders of the town through the Chamber of Commerce and you have the treasonous cells of insurrection. That is the organizational structure of the New World Order – citistates as management units connected to the global system through professional organizations like the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Global Strategy

How U.S. Territory Became a Land Bridge Between Two Bodies of Water

In a more friendly format of U.S. Territory of a Land Bridge, on page 13, I provide information on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. This regional transportation authority was authorized by an act of Congress on April 30, 1921.

The significance of 1921 is the Barcelona Declaration that I documented as a side note rant when a quick search turned into a 3-4 day quest.

And all of that links back to the organization of the City of London and the one square mile as a citistate comprised of corporations with a patent on trades issued by the reigning monarch. Admiralty law is the law that the trading companies of old, with the City of London being one, to facilitate their business interests across borders. The philosophical basis for it is ‘flow’ – water and trade flowing in an unbroken path from origination to destination.

In 1933 (or 1934?), the potential for application of international maritime law was enabled in the United States by the passage of Title 4, Section 112 authorizing the states to enter into Interstate Compacts along with legislation in 1934 authorizing the designation of Foreign Trade Zones. It was this legislation that enabled the Congress to extend their reach into the states under the guise of Commerce.

Further reading on Benjamin Barber and the movement to disintegrate the nation-state:

Global Parliament of Mayors

The Obamanation seated center stage at the Global Parliament

Interdependence Day

June 2013 – TED Talk; Why Mayors Should Rule The World

Benjamin Barber – Bio on TED

Excerpt from the bio:

Benjamin Barber burst into the media spotlight on September 11, 2001, when his book Jihad Vs. McWorld, published several years earlier, assumed newly horrific relevance. With his prophetic analysis of the emerging collision of tribalism and globalism, Barber established the parameters for 21st Century political debate. (Coincidence? I don’t think so.)

Washington Post bio


He left it this year to take an endowed professorship at Maryland, where he teaches a graduate seminar and will be working on a new venture called the Democracy Collaborative.

From the above website:    A New Anchor Mission     (Eds and Meds)

And then re-examine The Core – zone in Meridian anchored by St. Lukes and Boise University.