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BREAKING: United Nations Makes Major Move… This Is THEFT

FA Note:  The brouhaha about climate change has ALWAYS been about wealth redistribution: THEFT. United Nations climate negotiators found themselves at an impasse during a ten-day conference in Lima, Peru this month when the world’s second-largest economy — the United States — refused to subsidize the carbon dioxide emission reductions of the world’s largest economy […]

Drakes Bay oyster farm closes doors after long wilderness struggle

It’s the end of the line for Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. On Dec. 31, after a long battle with the National Park Service, the California Coastal Commission, the Department of the Interior and wilderness advocates, owner Kevin Lunny and his family will vacate the starkly beautiful Drake’s Estero, a 2,500-acre estuary where some of the […]

A Global Tax? UN Debates Requiring Members to Report ‘GHG’ Emissions

Such data is a prelude to implementing a massive redistribution of global wealth. Will the United Nations wield its unproven claim that greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change to require each of its 193 member nations to measure and report GHG emissions — a prerequisite for a global carbon tax? Does it really matter whether […]


As I travel around the country I’m asked the same question:  What can we do—is there a chance of winning? I’m asked this question by women and men, by Republicans and Democrats, by Libertarians and Tea Party members, by young and old, by rural and urban residents.  My answer is always the same.  We can […]