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BREAKING: United Nations Makes Major Move… This Is THEFT

FA Note:  The brouha­ha about cli­mate change has ALWAYS been about wealth redis­tri­b­u­tion: THEFT. Unit­ed Nations cli­mate nego­tia­tors found them­selves at an impasse dur­ing a ten-day con­fer­ence in Lima, Peru this month when the world’s sec­ond-largest econ­o­my — the Unit­ed States — refused to sub­si­dize the car­bon diox­ide emis­sion reduc­tions of the world’s largest econ­o­my — China. […]

Drakes Bay oyster farm closes doors after long wilderness struggle

It’s the end of the line for Drake’s Bay Oys­ter Co. On Dec. 31, after a long bat­tle with the Nation­al Park Ser­vice, the Cal­i­for­nia Coastal Com­mis­sion, the Depart­ment of the Inte­ri­or and wilder­ness advo­cates, own­er Kevin Lun­ny and his fam­i­ly will vacate the stark­ly beau­ti­ful Drake’s Estero, a 2,500-acre estu­ary where some of the […]

A Global Tax? UN Debates Requiring Members to Report ‘GHG’ Emissions

Such data is a pre­lude to imple­ment­ing a mas­sive redis­tri­b­u­tion of glob­al wealth. Will the Unit­ed Nations wield its unproven claim that green­house gas emis­sions cause cli­mate change to require each of its 193 mem­ber nations to mea­sure and report GHG emis­sions — a pre­req­ui­site for a glob­al car­bon tax? Does it real­ly mat­ter whether next […]


As I trav­el around the coun­try I’m asked the same ques­tion:  What can we do—is there a chance of win­ning? I’m asked this ques­tion by women and men, by Repub­li­cans and Democ­rats, by Lib­er­tar­i­ans and Tea Par­ty mem­bers, by young and old, by rur­al and urban res­i­dents.  My answer is always the same.  We can […]