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The Greatest Christmas Present to America 2014

Your Gift From Anita B Hoge A Link To Your Federal Grant in Your State Creating A “National ID” When thinking about the violations of privacy that were exposed by Edward Snowden for the NSA monitoring emails and phone conversations…. Honestly! Snowden’s release of this information is child’s play compared to what the government is […]

Committee Report Uncovers Lack of Independence & Accountability of Peer Review Process for ESA Listing Decisions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Natural Resources Committee majority staff released a report today that questions the independence and accountability of  the peer review process in recent Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing decisions.  The report entitled, “Under the Microscope: An examination of the questionable science and lack of independent peer review in Endangered Species Act listing […]

Sources: EPA Scrambles To Protect Key Climate Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency may delay a contentious rule mandating carbon capture technology for coal-fired power plants, according to news reports. The agency has not officially commented on the reported rule, but sources familiar with the possible delay of the New Source Performance Standards say it stems from serious problems with its carbon capture mandate. […]