Archives for December 13, 2014

Governors Closing Barn Doors After Horse has Bolted!

or… BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! The above cited article by Dr. Susan Berry, published on Dec. 6, 2014, went on to report the increasing unpopularity of Jeb Bush’s continued drive for Common Core: “With polls showing Republican support for Common Core plummeting, common sense would dictate that Bush call it a day with […]

Artist James Dupree fends off eminent domain effort by Philadelphia City Hall

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority still wants to build a grocery store in the city’s Mantua neighborhood, but it won’t be taking James Dupree’s art studio to do it. The PRA on Thursday relented on its quest to acquire the renowned Dupree’s studio via eminent domain, saying the legal costs resulting from Dupree’s appeal of condemnation […]

John McCain Trying to Use NDAA to Give Tonto National Forest to a British Mining Company

I think at a certain point one has to understand that globalization amounts to treason. These greedy Vichy politicians we have in Washington need to be removed before they hand over everything in the country that isn’t nailed to the floor. This is Tonto National Forest. It is yours. It is this country’s fifth largest forest […]