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Appeals Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Idaho Woman’s Case Against NSA Spying

EFF, ACLU Support Smith in Fighting Mass Surveillance Before Ninth Circuit Seattle – An appeals court will hear oral arguments in Smith v. Obama, a case filed by an Idaho nurse against a controversial National Security Agency (NSA) telephone data collection program, in Seattle on Monday, Dec. 8. Anna Smith, a neonatal nurse from Coeur […]

Chinese Mom Spills The Red Beans!

Tells the truth about Common Core being Communist!  Watch Lily’s speech by watching the video. I have been warning for years that this is Communist. Here is an amazing and courageous tetimony by Lily Tang Williams! Her speech is reported about in an article titled Chinese-American Mom Says Common Core Is Just Like Education in […]

Quietly Coercing a Vassals and Fiefdoms Future for All of Us While Hyping Economic Development

I actually am not nostalgic for the castles, moats, or medieval armor. For one thing I like to cook, but not without centralized plumbing or over an open hearth. No, I keep thinking of terms from the Middle Ages because public policies being quietly enacted in the United States as well as other countries via […]