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Common Core Psych Data on Children

Anita Hoge’s Call for Student Data Moratorium Receives National Attention The readers of abcsofdumbdown blog will want to know that the Press Release sent out last week by Pennsylvania parents and citizens generated media attention. Here is what we published on the blog: The Press Release was posted on this blog on November 24, 2014: […]

Houston Man Arrested for Video Recording Cop on Private Property

Footage shows officer immediately handcuff man for not obeying order Amidst a national debate about police brutality, another video has emerged of a police officer arresting someone for video recording, this time on his own friend’s private property. The footage out of Houston, Texas is all the more shocking because the cop doesn’t even try […]

Give Gruber a Break

 “Gruber’s inherent academic assumption of (ordinary) Americans’ stupidity is elucidated by Charlotte Iserbyt’s 1999 The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America…Gruber’s matter-of-fact pronouncement of the “stupidity” of Americans reflects his academic assumption of the success of government education, and validation of Iserbyt’s investigations into the education establishment.” Jonathan Gruber has been roundly reprimanded in the press, […]