Archives for December 2, 2014

Outdated essays on pocket gophers reveal lack of evidence for ESA listing

Seventh in a series on a new ESA list­ing. We will pub­lish addi­tions to the series if/as they are written. Unsupported claims in obscure essays from 1942, 1944, and 1960 have hurt a lot of people in south Thurston County, Washington.  Oppressive laws are based on them—including the 2014 Endangered Species Act micro-listing of four Mazama […]

Cells of Insurrection

In what kind of twisted world would Oath Keepers – Oath Keepers to the Constitution of the United States, be considered domestic terrorists? That’s the question that was asked last week in an interview with Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers. After listening to the interview, I thought I should check to see […]

Japanese scientists use surrogates to produce endangered species

Japanese scientists have developed a new biotechnology technique that uses mackerel as surrogates for bluefin tuna with the hope of saving the prized species from extinction. Considered a delicacy in Japanese cuisine, globals supplies of bluefin tuna have been dwindling, prompting the International Union for Conservation of Nature to put the fish onto its red […]