Population Control via Water Control

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Dr. Kate Vandemoer

Dr. Kate Vandemoer

Dr. Kate Vandemoer outlines the Federal grab for control of water out West.

One does not need to achieve a very high level of education to realize that water is the biological basis for all of mankind, and our most valuable and necessary resource. In fact, very few people reading this would survive more than a handful of days without adequate water. Simply put, water is life.

As with any commodity of limited supply, corporations, kingpins and governments all maneuver into positions of control; often working in concert to achieve a quasi-monopoly. Numerous examples of this throughout history can be revealed with the proper search terms. Out West, the Federal Government, the State of Montana and the Native American tribes are working to form just such a monopoly; at the expense, of course, of the citizens of Montana and surrounding states. What would facilitate this monopoly? The CSKT Water Compact.

The CSKT Water Compact, in its current form, is merely a disguise by the Feds to control all of the water out West, using the Native American tribes as proxies. As I have outlined previously, the passage of the CSKT Water Compact, in its current form, would cause a cascade of similar compacts nationwide; which would infringe upon the very water that you use every day, with few exceptions. As the CSKT Water Compact is widely recognized as a “forever” document, we are literally in a battle for the lives and futures of our posterity. The seriousness of this fight cannot be overlooked, and few people are on the front lines engaging the enemy. One such fighter is Hydrologist, Dr. Catherine Vandemoer.

Dr. Kate, as she is known by her friends, is probably the most active, knowledgeable and qualified person in the world to address the dangers of the current CSKT Water Compact. Dr. Kate spent 25+ years working for Native American tribes across the country helping them to secure water rights. Despite her long friendship with Native Americans, Dr. Kate couldn’t stand by and let the people out West have their water stolen from them by the Feds. I not only consider Dr. Kate a person who is at the “tip of the spear” in this fight, I also consider her a friend. I was delighted when Dr. Kate accepted my invitation to join my co-host Jason and I live on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show. A link to the full interview can be seen below.