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The Common Core Charter School Agenda

“The election is over. What next?” The charter school agenda is cranking up into high gear. This quote at the top was in the “Subject” line of an e-mail from Nina Rees of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools sent today (11/6/14). This is the planned agenda for the charter schools now that the […]

Smart Cities: Understanding the Untapped Value of Sensor Data

Technology leaders in three cities imagine how they would harness Chicago’s innovative sensor pilot in their communities This fall, Chicago will install a network of 40 sensors to discover how new data sets can inform decisions that make the city a better place to live. The Array of Things initiative will begin with devices being […]

Common Core Coffin

The Final Nail in the Education Coffin See Proposed Ballot Propositions at the New York Board of Elections website: TAXPAYERS APPROVE TWO BILLION DOLLARS FOR NEW YORK’S SKINNERIAN SMART SCHOOLS (AND COMMUNITIES!). This is the FINAL NAIL in the coffin of brain-based education and true local control. As C.S. Lewis quipped, “When training beats […]

Common Core “Mental Health”

The Death of the Conscience UNESCO’S LONG- PLANNED MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM ARRIVES! Eighty years in the making! This is an old agenda. And you may find its roots disturbing!

Government claims about pocket gopher protection remain flawed

Sixth in a series on a new ESA listing. We will publish additions to the series if/as they are written. A new addition to the Endangered Species Act, the Mazama pocket gopher, is found to have popped up in the lush, rainy forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  And who can blame him?  The forests and […]

City expands surveillance system to include private cameras of residents, businesses

This expanding “voluntary” surveillance network is a public-private partnership, allowing police detectives access to video footage in most locations only where crimes have already occured. Such networks cannot guarantee to prevent crime; they record crime. “Baltimore’s CitiWatch video surveillance program has expanded over the past eight years from an initial installation of 50 standalone cameras to more than 600 networked closed-circuit […]

Common Core: A Lesson Plan for Raising up Compliant, Non-thinking Citizens

As I point out in my new book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, there are several methods for controlling a population. You can intimidate the citizenry into obedience through force, relying on military strength and weaponry such as SWAT team raids, militarized police, and a vast array of lethal and nonlethal […]

Common Core Mental Cruelty

STRAIGHT OUT OF A SOVIET COMMUNIST TEXTBOOK! “The kids who come to us are a clean slate…. It’s the adults who have to be retrained.” Read the following article and learn how parents are being retrained — but not just in math skills! “Common Core math can be a mystery, and parents are going to […]