Common Core Federalism Roots

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Charlotte Thomson IserbytCom­mon Core Roots are NOT Grassroots!

Fed­er­al Fund­ing of Com­mon Core (piece by piece over many years) through New Fed­er­al­ism was ini­tial­ly imple­ment­ed under Pres­i­dent Nixon.

The fol­low­ing research is so very impor­tant for Amer­i­cans won­der­ing how we end­ed up imple­ment­ing UNESCO’s Com­mu­nist Core in the schools and Regionalism/ Socialism/ Com­mu­nism in America.

Socialist/Communist change agents need­ed New Fed­er­al­ism to imple­ment region­al gov­ern­ment. Amer­i­cans would nev­er have vol­un­tar­i­ly imple­ment­ed Com­mu­nism unless they had received the mon­ey, even though strings were attached.

Amer­i­cans want the “free” mon­ey no mat­ter what. When I served on the local school board, the mem­bers ALWAYS vot­ed for fed­er­al mon­ey (pro­grams with under­ly­ing sick phi­los­o­phy that are now show­ing up in Com­mon Core). Some even vot­ed in favor of them when they knew they were bad! (I nev­er once vot­ed for a fed­er­al­ly-fund­ed program.)

When I tried to per­suade board mem­bers to vote NO, they would use the fol­low­ing rea­son­ing: “If Camden/Rockport does­n’t get the mon­ey, Glouces­ter, Mass. schools (or wher­ev­er) will get our share plus.” Thus Maine received the U.S. Dept. of Edu­ca­tion’s “Gold Medal” one year for adopt­ing the high­est num­ber of fed­er­al-fund­ed val­ues-destroy­ing pro­grams being dis­sem­i­nat­ed by the Nation­al Dif­fu­sion Network.

What is most offen­sive is using us as guinea pigs for their out­ra­geous­ly offen­sive exper­i­ments in gov­ern­ment. These lead­ers must not com­pre­hend or respect the mean­ing of indi­vid­ual sov­er­eign­ty and lib­er­ty. What out­come do they envi­sion? Our Cre­ator endowed us with life, lib­er­ty, and the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness, all of which can­not ever be micro­man­aged or sold. Do they even real­ize this?? They con­tin­ue to tell us how to live with strings attached as the debt con­tin­ues to lead us all towards obliv­ion as prof­li­gate spend­ing sky­rock­ets with the help of schemes like block grants and oth­er devices under the guise of a ‘New’ [but not improved] Fed­er­al­ism. This can­not end well if it continues.

It appears Fed­er­al­ism is a much big­ger top­ic than I real­ized. The fed­er­al gov­ern­ment has grad­u­al­ly inter­vened in affairs of the state and local gov­ern­ments in ways that should not have been allowed from a Con­sti­tu­tion­al per­spec­tive. Block Grants and oth­er fed­er­al aid comes with fed­er­al strings attached. It also sets up a gov­ern­men­tal struc­ture which strips us of pure­ly local deci­sion mak­ing and this is a direct threat to lib­er­ty and so should not have been allowed. It has also left us tril­lions in debt to the banks. Big data and num­bers can be used for evil as well as for good. Our Founders were very fear­ful of gov­ern­men­tal author­i­ty. Accept­ing mon­ey from the feds has been a dis­as­ter for Con­sti­tu­tion­al gov­ern­ment. It may also take us down eco­nom­i­cal­ly because we can’t afford all the spending.

I’ve been Googling many arti­cles, a few you may be inter­est­ed in, I’ve includ­ed below. Note: This list does not con­sti­tute an endorse­ment of the views expressed in these arti­cles. It is just a BRIEF SAMPLING of what one can find when they Google “New Federalism”:

Chap­ter 3: Amer­i­can Fed­er­al­ism — AP U.S. Gov­ern­ment Vocabulary

Trends in Fed­er­al­ism: Con­ti­nu­ity, Change and Polar­iza­tion By John Kin­caid John Kin­caid is the Robert B. and Helen S. Meyn­er Pro­fes­sor of Gov­ern­ment and Pub­lic Ser­vice and direc­tor of the Meyn­er Cen­ter for the Study of State and Local Gov­ern­ment at Lafayette Col­lege in Eas­t­on, Penn­syl­va­nia. He is also edi­tor of Pub­lius: The Jour­nal of Fed­er­al­ism and for­mer exec­u­tive direc­tor of the U.S. Advi­so­ry Com­mis­sion on Inter­gov­ern­men­tal Rela­tions.…

Fed­er­al-State Rela­tions Today: Back to States’ Rights? The fed­er­al New Deal pro­grams cast the states in sup­port­ing, coop­er­a­tive roles with a … Richard Nixon was a major mind behind New Fed­er­al­ism. … In the past, some states allowed peo­ple 18 years of age or old­er to drink alco­hol, … chan­neled fed­er­al dol­lars back to the states, but with­out the …

Fis­cal Fed­er­al­ism | Down­siz­ing the Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment
Today there are more than 1,100 dif­fer­ent fed­er­al aid pro­grams for the states, with each … This was the first grant pro­gram with “strings attached. … Rea­gan’s “ new fed­er­al­ism” attempt­ed to re-sort fed­er­al and state activ­i­ties so that each lev­el of … Fed­er­al aid can be dis­trib­uted in … Federalism: Federalism in Practice
Fed­er­al­ism: Fed­er­al­ism in Practice

federalism2Block Grants: Per­spec­tives and Controversies