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Think about that and then look around you.

Globalization is standardization of systems.  In order to have a single government, all of the systems have to be the same.  The systems have to be the same so that they can be monitored, measured, and controlled, all at once.  Uniformity is a requirement.
Systems.  What are they?  Every aspect of your life is managed by this action plan: UN Agenda 21.  A system is a structure, a framework that orders activity and allows for the observation, management, and manipulation of it.

Schools systems are being standardized through Common Core, Mastery Learning, Outcome Based Education, Direct Instruction–many names for the same thing: Skinnerian (B.F. Skinner) International Curriculum.  See Charlotte Iserbyt’s book ‘Back to Basics Reform’ Or…Skinnerian International Curriculum.  Education is the basis for every change we’ve seen in our culture and government.  Without indoctrination and destruction of the ability to think independently this plan could not succeed.

Smart Grid.  Another system–the energy and water in the world is being connected via microwaves to a central control.  Your life, your water, your information, your energy, is being connected to the Grid.  Your freedom to gather your own information sources and analyze that information is in danger.  Your access to water and energy is under threat.  Standardization of systems.

Government.  All cities, counties, states, and nations are being ‘regionalized’ now. Jurisdictional boundaries are being disregarded. Regional plans are being rolled out that are all the same.  Representative government is being phased out and replaced by regional boards.  All the same, all over the world.

Law enforcement.  Fusion centers are being established all over the world.  They are exactly what they seem to be:  Central command centers that ‘fuse’ all law enforcement agencies through sharing information.  They include local law enforcement right up to Interpol.  Information is being analyzed, shared, stored, and used to identify POTENTIAL criminals in the name of ‘combating terrorism.’

You get it.  Now, let’s look at something important.  ICLEI, International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives, the parallel government masquerading as a mere purveyor of greenhouse gas monitoring software, is a key driver in globalization.  ICLEI, a private membership organization, is structured like the United Nations.  It has Regional Executive Committees representing the nine regions of the world, the ICLEI Council made up of all of those on the Regional Executive Committees, and then the Global Executive Committee.  ICLEI is lying about its membership on its website.  It really has over 7,800 city members in the world, not the 1,200 it claims to have.

ICLEI is misleading the world about the extent of its power.

Who sits on ICLEI’s Global Executive Committee?  One member is the Organization of Islamic Capitals. Islam is a standardization of systems.  Central law which is the same in all nations: Shar’iah.  UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development does not allow for dissent.  Neither does Islam.  UN A21/SD uses the Delphi technique to propagandize populations and create a cult-like adherence to itself.  You’ll observe that behavior in Islam as it is clearly identified in this excellent video which I encourage you to watch.  Stephen Coughlin is an intelligence expert on the Middle East and has briefed the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and high level  legislators and officials on Islam.  Notice
that in his presentation Coughlin is proving that through the limitations of political correctness that Military Intelligence has placed on itself, it is unable to identify the enemy.  He clearly states that the term ‘human rights’ means ‘rights of Moslems only’ when it is used by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.   ‘Acts of terror’ are only considered violations of Islam when committed on Moslems.  He notes that Secretary of State Clinton assured the Moslem world that the communitarian technique of shaming and pressure would be used on Americans who offend Islam.–implying that our first amendment right to free speech is abridged.  As you watch this video consider the implications of what you see in the context of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.  You may agree that Islam is a perfect system for the implementation of social equity under UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.