The Free Trade Deception Almost No One Understands

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The sev­enth round of U.S./EU (TTIP) nego­ti­a­tions [began] Sep­tem­ber 29 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

If you have heard about the two huge free trade agree­ments — theTrans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship (TPP) and the Transat­lantic Trade and Invest­ment Part­ner­ship (TTIP) — being nego­ti­at­ed by the Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion, you prob­a­bly think they have some­thing to do with an attempt to cre­ate more jobs by low­er­ing tariffs.

That’s the decep­tion. While you’re being told that these “free trade” agree­ments will bring pros­per­i­ty, they are actu­al­ly being used by estab­lish­ment elites to cre­ate eco­nom­i­cal­ly and polit­i­cal­ly inte­grat­ed blocs of nations that can be knit togeth­er into a New World Order. This means that the TPP and TTIP trade pacts are a direct threat to our nation­al inde­pen­dence and per­son­al free­doms.

For exam­ple, 28 for­mer­ly inde­pen­dent Euro­pean nations have lost their nation­al inde­pen­dence to the Euro­pean Union (EU) based on a decep­tive series of free trade agree­ments. Sim­i­lar­ly, there has been a well-orga­nized effort to merge the Unit­ed States, Mex­i­co, and Cana­da to form a North Amer­i­can Union (NAU) based on the North Amer­i­can Free Trade Agree­ment (NAFTA); how­ev­er, wide­spread grass­roots oppo­si­tion has great­ly slowed down this initiative.

Today, the TTIP agree­ment rep­re­sents an attempt by Euro­pean and Amer­i­can estab­lish­ment elites to merge the Unit­ed States with the EU; the TPP is an attempt to eco­nom­i­cal­ly and polit­i­cal­ly inte­grate the Unit­ed States with eleven Pacif­ic Rim nations.

The sev­enth round of TTIP nego­ti­a­tions [start­ed] on Sep­tem­ber 29. The TPP nego­ti­a­tions could be com­plet­ed as soon as late this year.

If we are to pre­serve our nation­al inde­pen­dence and per­son­al free­doms, we must cre­ate enough pres­sure on Con­gress to reject the TPP and TTIP “free trade” deals.

We must also con­vince Con­gress to reject any leg­is­la­tion reau­tho­riz­ing Trade Pro­mo­tion Author­i­ty TPA (aka fast-track author­i­ty) that would be used to expe­dite pas­sage of the TPP and TTIP agreements.

Please con­tact Con­gress in oppo­si­tion to TPA, TPP, and TTIP. There are sep­a­rate, prewrit­ten, editable mes­sages set up for all three issues.

But, you say, you’ve already con­tact­ed your rep­re­sen­ta­tive and sen­a­tors and one or more of them say they sup­port the TPP and TTIP. That means you still have more work to do. Get oth­ers to con­tact your rep­re­sen­ta­tive and sen­a­tors in oppo­si­tion to these agree­ments and re-con­tact those leg­is­la­tors who sup­port the TPP and TTIP pacts with evi­dence for why they should be reject­ed. The best source for such evi­dence is the spe­cial report, “How the Free Trade Agen­da Is Knock­ing Down Amer­i­ca,” The New Amer­i­can issue for Sep­tem­ber 2, 2013.