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Rosa KoireJust a few days ago the Miami Herald, Florida, newspaper ran a story headlined: Lawmakers To Consider Banning Biometrics in Schools.  The Pinellas County school district started using biometrics (iris scans, fingerprint scans, and palm readers…not the ones wearing turbans and earrings…) in the school cafeterias.  When the Polk and Seminole County school districts instituted their own programs Florida legislators started getting the message that there was opposition to data collection on minors. Now some Florida legislators are proposing a bill to block biometric data collection in the schools.

Really?  Now we need a bill to protect our first amendment rights?  We need a legislator writing a bill in order to stop a school district from violating the rights of children?  For the people who think that this is a tempest in a lunch bag, let me remind you that these elementary, junior, and senior high school students are a few years away from adulthood.  They are being fingerprinted.  Their irises are being scanned.  Their palm prints are being recorded.  These people have not committed a crime.  Right now, in America, you only have to give your fingerprints to the ‘authorities’ if you commit a crime (or are accused of committing a crime). You may voluntarily give this information if you want a ‘sensitive job’ or a passport, but THIS ACTION IS VOLUNTARY. In Pinellas, Seminole, and Polk counties, childrens’ identities are being data mined prior to the age of consent. Not only do the school officials not have the right to take their information, but I posit that their parents don’t have the right to give this information to the government either. This decision is one that should be made by each individual.

Here in America, a school district bureaucrat can justify violating civil rights to privacy because “The biggest benefit of having this system is that it allows students more time to eat their lunch,” Marquez Parra said. “That’s what this is all about.

But this is not ‘what this is all about’.  This is all about INVENTORY, MONITORING, AND CONTROL.  This is UN Agenda 21.