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Secret Gopher Map Reveals Washington Agency’s Power

Fifth in a series on a new ESA listing. The author states there may be more coming in this series. A secret 2013 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife map that was accidentally placed in Thurston County Planning‘s public files has been obtained by Watchdog Wire.  The map purports to show locations of the newly […]

Hornbeck’s Horrors

Day 29: Skinner Horror Files Part 2: Trick or Treat? As mentioned in yesterday’s post, David Hornbeck’s “draft” plan for Iowa’s education transformation initiative, leaked to the press and dated September 19, 1990, told the whole story. It was a most comprehensive explanation of the Skinnerian totalitarian system applied to society. For the next 25 […]

The Free Trade Deception Almost No One Understands

The seventh round of U.S./EU (TTIP) negotiations [began] September 29 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. If you have heard about the two huge free trade agreements — theTrans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) — being negotiated by the Obama administration, you probably think they have something to do with an attempt to […]

Skinner Arrives on Your Doorstep

Day 28: Skinner Horror Files Trick or Treat? In the Fall of 1990 a document was prematurely leaked to the Iowa public. This document was a landmark guide to understanding the direction that education reform would take in the decades to come. It was never intended to be reviewed by the public, but was supposed […]