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Far-reaching “Waters of the United States” rule could be the most significant EPA regulation you have never heard about: opinion

In 1972, Congress enacted the Clean Water Act (CWA) to “restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters.” The federal government’s legal authority to regulate water is largely derived from the Constitution’s Commerce Clause, which theoretically limits the government’s jurisdiction to the type of navigable waterways where such commerce occurs. Sadly, […]

PA Senate Amends Buffer Rule that Represented the Worst Sort of Government

A win for the little guy Government’s role is to serve the people.  America is a people with a government, not a government with a people. The people—their needs, their interests, their rights—come first in all things. Our Constitution prohibits government behavior that is arbitrary, capricious, abusive, or uncompensated taking of private property, among others. […]

Washington State Protects Endangered Gophers Better than Cops, Citizens

Third in a series on new ESA listing. Part Four will be published on October 28, 2014. Do Washington State officials believe that threatening excessive force against peaceful citizens is justified if a rodent’s life may be in danger?  Or that rodents have more rights and deserve more protection than understaffed cops and the citizens they […]