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Totalitarian Data-Gathering

Day 26: SKINNER HORROR FILES Behavioral Psychology and the Invasion of Your Child’s Privacy The following alarming information comes from Appendix XVI in my book, an article titled “Totalitarian Data-Gathering System Prepared by U.S. Department of Education” by Samuel Blumenfeld.* You can read his article in its entirety by going to my website: and […]

Common Core and Agenda 21

Bill Gates, the United Nations, and the Obama administration have been trying with all they’re worth to nationalize, along the lines of United Nations Globalization standards of education under the guise of Common Core. Many of the major schemes driving these very deeply disturbing “standards” was overlooked. It’s noted, official UN documents and statements by […]

Can a Well-Endowed “Endangered” Gopher Really Drive a Tractor?

Second in a series on new ESA Listing. Part Three will be posted on October 27, 2014. In Washington state’s Thurston County, bureaucrats won Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection for a tiny cluster of pocket gophers because of their alleged super-sized penises. However, nobody but local officials appear to have seen this feature.  They have offered no proof of this endowment, nor […]