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Skinner Tentacles

Day 16: Skinner Horror Files Skinner’s Tentacles Extend to Private and Home Education An oldie from 2002 highlights the problems with Skinnerian education and computers. Once a tiny bit of government monies comes to private education, the government’s tentacles will fully encircle and start to suffocate.

Biosurveillance Rapists Gearing Up

Biosurveillance:  Data Rapists As pandemic waves pound the globe you need to be aware that there are those who seek to exploit medical disasters with biosurveillance data rape.  The government and their partners need data, lots of data.  We are seeing an explosion of data rapists in the name of security, and for the ‘health, […]

Get Ready for BioSurveillance of Your Preschooler’s Health

University of Michigan research shows web-based system could help improve detection and response to spread of illnesses. There is growing trend toward the use of “biosurveillance” – Web-based systems to track public health, many times with an added predictive model . As you’ll see in the University of Michigan press release below, a familiar sales […]