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Shaping A Child’s Behavior

Day 15: Skinner Horror Files More history that would upset parents if they only knew…   In 1961 PROGRAMMED LEARNING: EVOLVING PRINCIPLES AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS (Foundation for Research on Human Behavior: Ann Arbor, Mich., 1961) edited by Jerome P. Lysaught was published. An excerpt from the introduction by Thomas H. Miller follows: To introduce the […]

The Roll Out of the Hitler Youth Movement Through the Common Core Invasive Data Mining of Our Children

The people of this country are speaking out, they are sick and tired of the intrusiveness of the Common Standards and the egregious violations of our children’s civil liberties including their (and their parents) right to privacy. The more Americans know about Common Core, the less they like the standards. In fact, just 33% support […]

Backward Mapping: Bundling Human and Social Engineering While Trumpeting International Competition

Sometimes people feel deeply shaken by the things I write about. Me too, except there is no ambiguity in what is being sought by the time I am willing to discuss it in public. If the declarations appear to be Tragic or even just a horrifically wasteful idea, someone needs to be bringing these intentions […]

A Major Cybersecurity Threat Is Lurking on a Half-Billion U.S. Smartphones

Gary Miliefsky – CEO of SnoopWall and founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – joined Bret Baier for an exclusive interview on The Daily Bret to discuss an alarming privacy breach posed by smartphone flashlight apps. Miliefsky, who has advised two White House administrations on cybersecurity, said that this problem is bigger […]

They Fight Surveillance – And You Can Too

Call it “privacy nihilism.” Whether you’re reading about the latest security breaches across the Net, or the jaw-dropping details of the latest NSA leak, or you’re explaining the importance of crypto to your blank-faced family, or struggling to stop your own government’s plans on burning your right to privacy, it’s sometimes easy to just throw […]


DAY 14: Skinner Horror Files THE BIG LIE EXPOSED Direct from the horse’s mouth “It is always to be kept in mind that these principles are quite in contrast to “rote learning” or drill. “In rote learning, many wrong responses are permitted to occur, and the student eventually learns to develop his own prompts often […]