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UN October Summit Reopens Grab for Global Internet Control

According to a recent report by the French news organization Agence France-Presse, “US officials are pledging to fight a fresh effort to give a UN agency authority to regulate the Internet, two years after a huge diplomatic battle over the issue.” The AFP story refers to the upcoming Plenipotentiary Conference in Busan, South Korea, of […]


DAY 9: Skinner Horror Files HISTORY YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO KNOW! And parents continue to mess around fighting Communist Core? Shouldn’t they instead be focusing on killing tax-funded fake school “choice” which is the vehicle to control not just students, but adults as well, under UNESCO’s agenda: Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor. What the […]

Carbon Scam by UN and World Bank Behind “Genocidal” Land Grabs

Under the guise of fighting “climate change,” United Nations and World Bank “carbon” programs in Africa are leading to massive land grabs, the forced relocation of indigenous people at gunpoint, and even what some critics are calling “cultural genocide.” Now, a coalition of activist organizations is demanding an end to the controversial UN-linked plots that […]

Your Child, the “Organism”

Day 10: Skinner Horror Files More History You Aren’t Supposed to Know… THE presidentially appointed National Council for Educational Research (NCER) issued two “Policies on Missions for Educational Research and Development Centers,” dated June 14 and October 25, 1984, shortly after regional hearings had been held regarding the need for regulations to implement the Protection […]