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The Skinner Horror Files

31 Days of B.F. Skinner Horror Stories   Because so much education reform rests upon Skinner’s methods and ideologies, it is time to tell the truth. The next 31 days this blog will be posting current and historical information about the true nature of Skinner’s “education” that has been foisted upon our nation’s children.

America’s Electronic Police State

Big Brother is not only watching, but gathering more power The modern surveillance state is referred to as an electronic police state because it uses technology to monitor people in order to detect and punish dissent. The authorities exert social control through spying, harsh law enforcement, and by regulating “privileges” such as the ability to […]

Leave it to Bill!

Day 2: The Skinner Horror Files It depends on what the meaning of the word “charters” ‘is’… Here are excerpts from the Salon article above: Bill Clinton weighed in on the debate over charter schools this week, warning that the publicly funded yet autonomous schools must keep their “original bargain” if they want support as […]

Cookie Cutter Common Core & Private Education Part II: WAKE UP, CATHOLICS

(And all others with children in private & religious education!) Read Part 1   UNESCO: WORLDWIDE STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR ALL EDUCATION The U.N. (United Nations) advocates Communist Common Core education for all students on this planet, no matter the religion and no matter whether the school is public or private. The “UN, Obama, and Gates […]


Think about that and then look around you. Globalization is standardization of systems.  In order to have a single government, all of the systems have to be the same.  The systems have to be the same so that they can be monitored, measured, and controlled, all at once.  Uniformity is a requirement.