Students Protest School Reeducation Policies, Rewriting U.S. History to Downplay Civil Disobedience

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Students walk out of 5 Jefferson County, Colorado, schools in protest

Stu­dents walk out of 5 Jef­fer­son Coun­ty, Col­orado, schools in protest

Fol­low­ing a teacher “sick out” that shut down two Den­ver area high schools, hun­dreds of stu­dents walked out of their class­rooms in protest Tues­day over a school board pro­pos­al to sup­pos­ed­ly sup­port “patri­o­tism” and “respect for author­i­ty” but “down­play civ­il dis­obe­di­ence” in their his­to­ry cur­ricu­lum.

Via Fox News:

The school board pro­pos­al that trig­gered the walk­outs in Jef­fer­son Coun­ty calls of instruc­tion­al mate­ri­als that present pos­i­tive aspects of the nation and its her­itage. It would estab­lish a com­mit­tee to reg­u­lar­ly review texts and course plans, start­ing with Advanced Place­ment his­to­ry, to make sure mate­ri­als “pro­mote cit­i­zen­ship, patri­o­tism, essen­tials and ben­e­fits of the free-mar­ket sys­tem, respect for author­i­ty and respect for indi­vid­ual rights” and don’t “encour­age or con­done civ­il dis­or­der, social strike or dis­re­gard of the law.”

Jefferson County students take to the streets for the third day.

Jef­fer­son Coun­ty stu­dents take to the streets for the third day.

Stu­dents orga­nized the mass protest via social media. Some car­ried signs that read, “His­to­ry wasn’t meant to be hid­den” and “You can’t change his­to­ry.”

More than 300 Arvada,West students protesting school board actions.

More than 300 Arvada,West stu­dents protest­ing school board actions.

Fox quot­ed one 17-year-old stu­dent from Arva­da, Col­orado who said, “I don’t think my edu­ca­tion should be cen­sored. We should be able to know what hap­pened in our past.”

Good for them! At least they’re say­ing some­thing. At least these stu­dents and teach­ers aren’t just blind­ly bow­ing to a sys­tem that sounds like it came straight out of a George Orwell nov­el.

Is this how Amer­i­ca plans to final­ly brain­wash it’s youth into total sub­mis­sive­ness?

For a long time, the school sys­tem in this coun­try has been doing every­thing imag­in­able to down­play and dis­cour­age free, crit­i­cal thinking…but now the nation’s schools are going to open­ly edit his­to­ry by essen­tial­ly omit­ting the acts of civ­il dis­obe­di­ence Amer­i­ca was, in so many ways, found­ed upon?

How long until the U.S. is design­ing all the lessons plans direct­ly from those out of Com­mu­nist Chi­na or North Korea?

As a pub­lic school stu­dent who lat­er went on to com­plete mul­ti­ple col­lege degrees, I remem­ber I nev­er once ever heard any­thing through­out all my years of edu­ca­tion about the fact that Pres­i­dent Roo­sevelt signed an exec­u­tive order allow­ing our gov­ern­ment to lit­er­al­ly intern over 125,000 Japan­ese Amer­i­cans into camps dur­ing World War II for the “crime” of being Japan­ese. This is despite hav­ing tak­en a class on his­to­ry in col­lege that involved a spe­cial unit on World War II! I still was nev­er told that our gov­ern­ment forced Japan­ese Amer­i­cans into camps.

If I had not done my own research, and if instead I deferred all of my knowl­edge to only what I received in school, I guess I may nev­er have even known that our gov­ern­ment could be capa­ble of such a thing…something many Amer­i­cans today seem to blind­ly believe regard­less of the fact that it has already hap­pened before.

Can you imag­ine what is going to become of school chil­dren — our nation’s future — a few decades from now after schools have com­plete­ly erased civ­il dis­obe­di­ence from the his­to­ry books?

He who con­trols the past con­trols the future. He who con­trols the present con­trols the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984