Jim Beers responds to San Francisco anti-dairy advertising

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BART is the Bay Area Rapid Tran­sit district

BART anti dairy adAnti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Com­muters to Bathe

Exact­ly as the poi­son of ille­gal drugs is the root cause of so much vio­lent and debil­i­tat­ing crime, and just as the army of poor chil­dren born annu­al­ly into father­less homes to be raised like weeds by elder­ly rel­a­tives is the root cause of the death and vio­lence plagu­ing espe­cial­ly urban Amer­i­ca: these “peo­ple that say we shouldn’t be rais­ing live­stock, are same deranged type of humans that say we can’t man­age our forests, build hydro-elec­tric dams or stop ille­gals from enter­ing our bor­ders” are caused and dri­ven by a poi­so­nous hatred for humans and Amer­i­ca result­ing from envi­ron­men­tal extrem­ism and ani­mal rights rad­i­cal­ism that arose in the fever of the social rev­o­lu­tion in the 1960’s when gov­er­nance and even church­es agreed that every­thing that went before was to be swept away.

Jim Beers is a retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Jim Beers is a retired Refuge Man­ag­er, Spe­cial Agent, & Wildlife Biol­o­gist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Tra­di­tions, cul­ture, moral­i­ty, lifestyles, accept­able or tol­er­at­ed choic­es, pro­hi­bi­tions, parental and local com­mu­ni­ty author­i­ty, State Government’s juris­dic­tion and so much more were denied and replaced by sec­u­lar moral­i­ty and cen­tral gov­ern­ment-imposed cor­rect­ness dic­tat­ed by the new Druids that emerged from the ashes:

- Planned Par­ent­hood dic­tat­ing abortion.

- “Sci­en­tists” dic­tat­ing birth con­trol; pop­u­la­tion con­trol; and the rel­a­tive nature of men, ani­mals and their interactions.

- Reli­gious lead­ers sug­gest­ing rel­a­tive moral­i­ty and the elim­i­na­tion of sin.

- Envi­ron­men­tal gurus spread­ing the notion that “the envi­ron­ment” is supe­ri­or to humanity.

- Ani­mal rights (what?) spread­ing the claim that ani­mals are equal to men in all ways and that man, being just anoth­er ani­mal, should be dis­ad­van­taged to pay repa­ra­tions as ani­mals are ele­vat­ed to equal­i­ty much like man­dat­ed sex and race preferences.

- Amer­i­cans were told and accept­ed the claim that women and cer­tain minori­ties (blacks, not Asians; Native Amer­i­cans, not South Amer­i­cans) were hence­forth and for­ev­er to be priv­i­leged above oth­er Amer­i­cans in all aspects of soci­ety, even to the point of being above reproach.

- His­toric Amer­i­can respect for the invi­o­late role and respon­si­bil­i­ty of Amer­i­can State gov­ern­ments (like their coun­ter­part nation­al Euro­pean gov­ern­ments under the hege­mo­ny of the bur­geon­ing Euro­pean Union) was washed away as cen­tral gov­ern­ment politi­cians and bureau­crats became the bish­ops, car­di­nals and insti­ga­tors of the chaos we see all around us today.

- Amer­i­cans accept­ed the manip­u­la­tion of a large­ly inef­fec­tive (inter­na­tion­al­ly) UN as a vehi­cle for Treaties and machi­na­tions giv­ing the illu­sion of autho­riz­ing US fed­er­al author­i­ty to destroy pri­vate prop­er­ty, imple­ment gun con­trol, con­trol free speech and com­mit oth­er vio­la­tions of the US Constitution.

Into the above sce­nario, the pas­sage of nation­al and inter­na­tion­al laws and Con­ven­tions like Endan­gered Species, Kyoto, Wilder­ness, Marine Mam­mals, etc., del­uged the devel­oped nations under the inno­cent and spe­cious claims of immi­nent extinc­tions and pre­vent­ing human bar­barisms to ani­mals and claims that “the envi­ron­ment” was on the verge of col­lapse. Bil­lion dol­lar non-gov­ern­ment inter­est group com­bines emerged as allies of large-gov­ern­ment advo­cates and mul­ti-nation­al busi­ness inter­ests in pass­ing, grow­ing, and financ­ing (with pub­lic tax dol­lars) these gov­ern­ment dic­tums. While the costs are in the hun­dreds of Bil­lions over the past 60+ years, the human costs and the finan­cial and Con­sti­tu­tion­al loss­es of the vic­tims are even more as well as inestimable.

Per­ver­sions of these laws have already reached heights of intol­er­ance nev­er admit­ted by the per­pe­tra­tors or imag­ined by the victims:

- Endan­gered species res­cues mor­phed into “native species” restora­tion at gov­ern­ment-direct­ed spe­cif­ic loca­tions like wolves and griz­zly bears that imper­il rur­al com­mu­ni­ty life; fish that jus­ti­fy elim­i­na­tion of agri­cul­tur­al pro­duc­tion, pow­er gen­er­a­tion and irri­ga­tion; birds that jus­ti­fy dec­i­mat­ing tim­ber man­age­ment and use; etc., etc.

- Kyoto claims about air qual­i­ty health tol­er­ances and the ori­gins of them mor­phed into government/interest group tools to dou­ble gas prices, restrict vehi­cle choic­es, increase heat­ing costs to force cit­i­zens into small­er com­mu­nal liv­ing, vast increas­es in elec­tric­i­ty costs to place busi­ness­es and home­own­ers even fur­ther under the gov­ern­ment thumb, and the emer­gence of gov­ern­ment agen­cies like the EPA who impreg­nate them­selves to give birth to fab­ri­cat­ed author­i­ties to claim “all waters of the US” as belong­ing to them and to selec­tive­ly imple­ment things like the gun con­trol agen­da by clos­ing the last lead smelter in the US under spe­cious claims thus fur­ther restrict­ing the avail­abil­i­ty and afford­abil­i­ty of ammunition.

- Wilder­ness not only impov­er­ish­es sur­round­ing com­mu­ni­ties and Amer­i­can economies, it becomes a tool of “His­pan­ic” (their self-descrip­tion, not mine) Con­gress­men to cre­ate No-Go areas for US Bor­der Enforcers to enforce bor­der laws in areas used as through­ways for ille­gal aliens enter­ing the US.

- Marine Mam­mal “Pro­tec­tion”; while pre­sent­ed as “wise poli­cies to pro­tect these valu­able ani­mals” by US Sen­ate spon­sors like the one from Arkansas who once con­fid­ed that while need­ing “envi­ron­men­tal­ist” votes for an upcom­ing elec­tion that “the best thing about those Marine Mam­mals is that that there ‘ain’t’ one of them with­in a thou­sand miles of Arkansas”; was actu­al­ly a move­ment to con­trol more water activ­i­ties for­mer­ly under State author­i­ty in places like Flori­da (man­a­tees); elim­i­nate polar bear hunt­ing world­wide (by con­trol­ling Alaskan polar bears and pre­vent­ing import of polar bear tro­phies); and forc­ing the elim­i­na­tion of Japan­ese whal­ing of healthy whale pop­u­la­tions for food and the con­trol of very abun­dant whale species in North Atlantic and North Sea waters by Ice­landic and Nor­we­gian gov­ern­ments and fish­er­men depen­dent cod pop­u­la­tions preyed on by the whales and that sus­tain an annu­al cod har­vest for human consumption.

Add in the teach­ers, media, gov­ern­ment pro­pa­gan­dists, and (lib­er­als, pro­gres­sives, rad­i­cals, advo­cates for their par­tic­u­lar gov­ern­ment-teat, call them what you will) that day in and day out tell chil­dren, col­lege stu­dents and mil­len­ni­als deep in what­ev­er they’re hold­ing in their hand that, “this is the way it should be”, “this is the way it was once long ago before peo­ple spoiled things”, “there are too many peo­ple (espe­cial­ly of cer­tain ‘types’)”, “we must always do what gov­ern­ment and ‘sci­en­tists’ tell us to do”, “things are real­ly get­ting bet­ter and soon you will see why all this is nec­es­sary”, etc.

I say the fol­low­ing in all seri­ous­ness and if you think ill of me for say­ing it, I can only say I can­not apol­o­gize for the truth.

Just as we are sur­prised and dumb­found­ed by this dairy ad that we could not imag­ine pre­vi­ous­ly, con­sid­er how far we have come already and how there seems to be no stop­ping of this rad­i­cal makeover of west­ern civ­i­liza­tion. I sug­gest that soon­er than we think, the Ads on pub­lic trans­porta­tion will look like this:

Imag­ine a globe with a white baby with a hare­lip play­ing with a black child while an elder­ly white man hob­bles by- all on top of the globe. Imag­ine fur­ther ele­phants and whales and trees falling off the bot­tom of the globe into an abyss. Then sur­round it all with words like “HOW WE SPEND OUR MONEY MATTERS! SUPPORT AFFORDABLE PRIORITIES THAT SAVE THE ECOSYSTEM!

Before you blame me –

1. My grand­fa­ther (that raised me dur­ing WWII while my Dad was in Europe) had a hare­lip and I loved him dear­ly. When I first read the words of that rot­ten Eugeni­cist Sanger at some expen­sive East­ern Col­lege sug­gest­ing killing babies up to 6 months for things like a hare­lip, tears came to my eyes and they still do! The anger and grief this engen­ders is too awful to describe.

2. Ear­ly eugeni­cists like Mar­garet Sanger (the founder and patroness of Planned Par­ent­hood) and Adolph Hitler made no bones about con­trol­ling cer­tain “infe­ri­or” races like blacks and Jews and that phi­los­o­phy is alive and well as Planned Par­ent­hood Clin­ics are locat­ed pri­mar­i­ly in poor areas where those we feel uncom­fort­able about can avail them­selves of this hor­rif­ic gov­ern­ment ser­vice. Dur­ing the Depres­sion a U of Wis­con­sin “researcher” even used gov­ern­ment funds to study the lit­tle Mis­sis­sip­pi Riv­er town of Alma, WI to describe how eugenic (selec­tive killing and ster­il­iza­tion) prin­ci­ples could be applied to “improve” the qual­i­ty of cit­i­zens liv­ing there.

3. Envi­ron­men­tal­ists and ani­mal rights gurus have always war­bled inces­sant­ly about how there are “too many peo­ple”, “too much agri­cul­ture”, “too much pol­lu­tion”, “too many (roads, dams, cars, ships, etc., etc.) of every­thing” that must ulti­mate­ly be done away with, no mat­ter how and no mat­ter what the costs.

4. The “Afford­able” Health Care Act or Oba­macare not only sup­ports more abor­tion and more birth con­trol, it estab­lish­es bureau­crat enti­ties (Pan­els) that will; decide when mer­cy-killing or euthana­sia of less-than-qual­i­ty chil­dren will be fund­ed; at what age or under what cir­cum­stances the elder­ly or the seri­ous­ly ill will be giv­en or denied health care; what cit­i­zens must do or be (healthy lifestyle, diet, weight, etc.) to qual­i­fy for what lev­el of health care they may or may not receive – AFTER ALL THE REST OF US ARE PAYING FOR IT, AREN’T WE?

Dairy farm­ers, wolves, griz­zly bears, spot­ted owls, minke whales, Con­sti­tu­tion­al gov­ern­ment, etc. are mere­ly logs on the fire that is con­sum­ing us all as I write.