Jim Beers responds to San Francisco anti-dairy advertising

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BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit district

BART anti dairy adAnti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Commuters to Bathe

Exactly as the poison of illegal drugs is the root cause of so much violent and debilitating crime, and just as the army of poor children born annually into fatherless homes to be raised like weeds by elderly relatives is the root cause of the death and violence plaguing especially urban America: these “people that say we shouldn’t be raising livestock, are same deranged type of humans that say we can’t manage our forests, build hydro-electric dams or stop illegals from entering our borders” are caused and driven by a poisonous hatred for humans and America resulting from environmental extremism and animal rights radicalism that arose in the fever of the social revolution in the 1960’s when governance and even churches agreed that everything that went before was to be swept away.

Jim Beers is a retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Jim Beers is a retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Traditions, culture, morality, lifestyles, acceptable or tolerated choices, prohibitions, parental and local community authority, State Government’s jurisdiction and so much more were denied and replaced by secular morality and central government-imposed correctness dictated by the new Druids that emerged from the ashes:

– Planned Parenthood dictating abortion.

– “Scientists” dictating birth control; population control; and the relative nature of men, animals and their interactions.

– Religious leaders suggesting relative morality and the elimination of sin.

– Environmental gurus spreading the notion that “the environment” is superior to humanity.

– Animal rights (what?) spreading the claim that animals are equal to men in all ways and that man, being just another animal, should be disadvantaged to pay reparations as animals are elevated to equality much like mandated sex and race preferences.

– Americans were told and accepted the claim that women and certain minorities (blacks, not Asians; Native Americans, not South Americans) were henceforth and forever to be privileged above other Americans in all aspects of society, even to the point of being above reproach.

– Historic American respect for the inviolate role and responsibility of American State governments (like their counterpart national European governments under the hegemony of the burgeoning European Union) was washed away as central government politicians and bureaucrats became the bishops, cardinals and instigators of the chaos we see all around us today.

– Americans accepted the manipulation of a largely ineffective (internationally) UN as a vehicle for Treaties and machinations giving the illusion of authorizing US federal authority to destroy private property, implement gun control, control free speech and commit other violations of the US Constitution.

Into the above scenario, the passage of national and international laws and Conventions like Endangered Species, Kyoto, Wilderness, Marine Mammals, etc., deluged the developed nations under the innocent and specious claims of imminent extinctions and preventing human barbarisms to animals and claims that “the environment” was on the verge of collapse. Billion dollar non-government interest group combines emerged as allies of large-government advocates and multi-national business interests in passing, growing, and financing (with public tax dollars) these government dictums. While the costs are in the hundreds of Billions over the past 60+ years, the human costs and the financial and Constitutional losses of the victims are even more as well as inestimable.

Perversions of these laws have already reached heights of intolerance never admitted by the perpetrators or imagined by the victims:

– Endangered species rescues morphed into “native species” restoration at government-directed specific locations like wolves and grizzly bears that imperil rural community life; fish that justify elimination of agricultural production, power generation and irrigation; birds that justify decimating timber management and use; etc., etc.

– Kyoto claims about air quality health tolerances and the origins of them morphed into government/interest group tools to double gas prices, restrict vehicle choices, increase heating costs to force citizens into smaller communal living, vast increases in electricity costs to place businesses and homeowners even further under the government thumb, and the emergence of government agencies like the EPA who impregnate themselves to give birth to fabricated authorities to claim “all waters of the US” as belonging to them and to selectively implement things like the gun control agenda by closing the last lead smelter in the US under specious claims thus further restricting the availability and affordability of ammunition.

– Wilderness not only impoverishes surrounding communities and American economies, it becomes a tool of “Hispanic” (their self-description, not mine) Congressmen to create No-Go areas for US Border Enforcers to enforce border laws in areas used as throughways for illegal aliens entering the US.

– Marine Mammal “Protection”; while presented as “wise policies to protect these valuable animals” by US Senate sponsors like the one from Arkansas who once confided that while needing “environmentalist” votes for an upcoming election that “the best thing about those Marine Mammals is that that there ‘ain’t’ one of them within a thousand miles of Arkansas”; was actually a movement to control more water activities formerly under State authority in places like Florida (manatees); eliminate polar bear hunting worldwide (by controlling Alaskan polar bears and preventing import of polar bear trophies); and forcing the elimination of Japanese whaling of healthy whale populations for food and the control of very abundant whale species in North Atlantic and North Sea waters by Icelandic and Norwegian governments and fishermen dependent cod populations preyed on by the whales and that sustain an annual cod harvest for human consumption.

Add in the teachers, media, government propagandists, and (liberals, progressives, radicals, advocates for their particular government-teat, call them what you will) that day in and day out tell children, college students and millennials deep in whatever they’re holding in their hand that, “this is the way it should be”, “this is the way it was once long ago before people spoiled things”, “there are too many people (especially of certain ‘types’)”, “we must always do what government and ‘scientists’ tell us to do”, “things are really getting better and soon you will see why all this is necessary”, etc.

I say the following in all seriousness and if you think ill of me for saying it, I can only say I cannot apologize for the truth.

Just as we are surprised and dumbfounded by this dairy ad that we could not imagine previously, consider how far we have come already and how there seems to be no stopping of this radical makeover of western civilization. I suggest that sooner than we think, the Ads on public transportation will look like this:

Imagine a globe with a white baby with a harelip playing with a black child while an elderly white man hobbles by- all on top of the globe. Imagine further elephants and whales and trees falling off the bottom of the globe into an abyss. Then surround it all with words like “HOW WE SPEND OUR MONEY MATTERS! SUPPORT AFFORDABLE PRIORITIES THAT SAVE THE ECOSYSTEM!

Before you blame me –

1. My grandfather (that raised me during WWII while my Dad was in Europe) had a harelip and I loved him dearly. When I first read the words of that rotten Eugenicist Sanger at some expensive Eastern College suggesting killing babies up to 6 months for things like a harelip, tears came to my eyes and they still do! The anger and grief this engenders is too awful to describe.

2. Early eugenicists like Margaret Sanger (the founder and patroness of Planned Parenthood) and Adolph Hitler made no bones about controlling certain “inferior” races like blacks and Jews and that philosophy is alive and well as Planned Parenthood Clinics are located primarily in poor areas where those we feel uncomfortable about can avail themselves of this horrific government service. During the Depression a U of Wisconsin “researcher” even used government funds to study the little Mississippi River town of Alma, WI to describe how eugenic (selective killing and sterilization) principles could be applied to “improve” the quality of citizens living there.

3. Environmentalists and animal rights gurus have always warbled incessantly about how there are “too many people”, “too much agriculture”, “too much pollution”, “too many (roads, dams, cars, ships, etc., etc.) of everything” that must ultimately be done away with, no matter how and no matter what the costs.

4. The “Affordable” Health Care Act or Obamacare not only supports more abortion and more birth control, it establishes bureaucrat entities (Panels) that will; decide when mercy-killing or euthanasia of less-than-quality children will be funded; at what age or under what circumstances the elderly or the seriously ill will be given or denied health care; what citizens must do or be (healthy lifestyle, diet, weight, etc.) to qualify for what level of health care they may or may not receive – AFTER ALL THE REST OF US ARE PAYING FOR IT, AREN’T WE?

Dairy farmers, wolves, grizzly bears, spotted owls, minke whales, Constitutional government, etc. are merely logs on the fire that is consuming us all as I write.