Archives for September 30, 2014

Private Property Rights Under Attack by Comprehensive Land Use Plans

“Private property must be guarded as priceless freedom. Land owners should reject the sustainable development idea that only government can protect nature, air, soil, water, open spaces, and the poor.” Humans have always desired to own a piece of land that could be passed on to their heirs. Once they acquired property for homestead or […]

Mr. Big – Edicts from the Mountain

The newspaper in Idaho Falls, ID is the Post Register. Yesterday they had an editorial written by a member of [sic] City Council. Apparently, he is a quasi-staff member because the Register allows him a bully pulpit on a regular basis. I found that out when I wrote a response to an editorial he wrote […]

Security Vulnerabilities of Smart Electricity Meters

“Who controls the off switch?” by Ross Anderson and Shailendra Fuloria. Abstract: We’re about to acquire a significant new cybervulnerability. The world’s energy utilities are starting to install hundreds of millions of ‘smart meters’ which contain a remote off switch. Its main purpose is to ensure that customers who default on their payments can be […]