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Minnesota’s global outlook helps land sustainability conference

Former heads of state will meet (in Minnesota, Oct. 2015) on democracy, sustainability (Agenda 21). An announcement expected Monday in New York will break the news that Minneapolis will host a major global conference on sustainability that will attract the former heads of state of nearly 100 countries to Minnesota in October 2015. The theme of […]

This Common Home Appliance Can Compromise Your Entire Security

LIFX is a smart light bulb that can be controlled with your smart phone via your home’s Wi-Fi network. Turns out that anyone within range can obtain the Wi-Fi password from the light bulb. It’s a problem with the communications protocol.

Privacy Nightmare: When Baby Monitors Go Bad

A secure crib and a baby monitor are on the the “must-have” safety checklist for many new parents. But when you tuck Junior in for the night, you never imagine waking to a scene straight out of The Twilight Zone: a foul-mouthed baby camera with a life of its own.

Police Enter Home, Confiscate Cellphone And Arrest Woman For Recording Them

The author doesn’t mention Agenda 21, but that is what this is. “Community education” is guiding our youth and adults into compliance, rather than enlightenment. K-12 education is not teaching the critical, independent thought necessary for informed, independent action; our children are being taught to “feel” and act as a collective, or hive. Americans are […]