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Top Ten Things Parents Hate About the Common Core

It’s the first school year most par­ents have heard about Com­mon Core. And they don’t like it one bit.” This is the year new nation­al Com­mon Core tests kick in, replac­ing state tests in most locales, cour­tesy of an eager Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion and the future generation’s tax dol­lars. It’s also the first year a majority […]

iOS 8’s WiFi location privacy isn’t as powerful as you might think

If you were hop­ing that iOS 8’s abil­i­ty to hide your device ID from near­by WiFi net­works would ren­der you invis­i­ble to nosy hotspot oper­a­tors, you’ll want to dial back your expec­ta­tions a bit. Air­Tight Net­works’ Bhupin­der Mis­ra has found that Apple’s hard­ware address ran­dom­iza­tion only kicks in under a very nar­row set of circumstances. […]