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The Critical Linkages: Bay Area And Beyond Project

Conservation Lands Network: California is now subjected to centralized land use control. (AB32 SB375 SB1 and other Sacramento and NGO initiatives.) The environment is usually the excuse. Private property is under massive attack and the property owners are being set up to lose. The attached will give you a great view of how the Golden […]

Reflexive Law: How Sustainable Development Has Conned Us All

The New York Times blasted out the head­line yes­terday, Obama Pur­suing Cli­mate Accord in Lieu of Treaty. In short, Obama will use one or more Exec­u­tive Orders to entangle the U.S. in a global treaty on cli­mate change, without con­sulting the U.S. Senate. How­ever, the Con­sti­tu­tion requires the Senate to vote on all treaties and […]

Imaging the Past to Experience and Reshape the Present More Fully: APUSH as Social Science

I tend to come at the same issues from a different approach in part because I usually pick up on all the terms that have quietly acquired a non-dictionary meaning. The real definitions completely change what people are actually admitting they intend to do. When it comes to history now, at whatever age, approach all […]

Open Letter to Huntington Beach City Council – Questions About General Plan Update

Dear Huntington Beach City Council, RE: General Plan Update   Dear sirs, It has recently come to our attention that the General Plan update process currently underway may be severely compromised. In March a number of us attended the “Visioning”meeting at the main library and were surprised to see attendees openly arguing with anyone who […]

The Global Strategy

Each point of light on that map represents a population center. For globalists, management of globe is simply an engineering problem. Nation-states, borders, history, culture are all inconveniences to the efficient (and profitable) operation of the planet. When global central planners look at that map, they are looking at the requirements to connect the points […]

Community Education & UN Agenda 21 – Same Roots?

Community Education was admitted to be the Chinese Communist System at a Community Education Conference in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Americans concerned over Agenda 21, ICLEI, regional government (Communist unelected council form of government) and many other United Nations/global-oriented programs may have overlooked a very important international component, if not the entity, which may have […]