The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future

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Arizona Senator John McCain

Ari­zona Sen­a­tor John McCain

Six years ago, dur­ing the 2008 pres­i­den­tial cam­paign, I attend­ed a Town Hall meet­ing spon­sored by Repub­li­can and Pres­i­den­tial hope­ful, Sen­a­tor John McCain, where he was asked if he was opposed to the spread of the Unit­ed Nations Agen­da 21 poli­cies through­out the Unit­ed States. McCain proud­ly pro­claimed that he had nev­er heard of Agen­da 21. That was an inter­est­ing com­ment com­ing from a sen­a­tor who co-spon­sored the Cen­tral Amer­i­can Free Trade Agree­ment (CAFTA) which erased all Amer­i­can tar­iffs, estab­lished an inter­na­tion­al high cor­ri­dor trans­porta­tion sys­tem for the elite’s busi­ness­es needs and oblit­er­at­ed the con­sti­tu­tion in the process.

America 2050 Megaregions mapDur­ing this time, the glob­al elite’s plan to estab­lish a 11 megac­i­ty regions, each con­tain­ing approx­i­mate­ly six mil­lion peo­ple each was being estab­lished under stealth. McCain had a vest­ed inter­est in lying to his fel­low Ari­zona cit­i­zens about the role that his cre­ation, CAFTA, would play in the estab­lish­ment of the New World Order run­ning amok and swal­low­ing up what would be left of America.

It was dur­ing this time that McCain’s obvi­ous obfus­ca­tion of the truth sent me research­ing the megac­i­ties con­cept. Even with the avail­abil­i­ty of sparse infor­ma­tion, I was able to deter­mine that Amer­i­cans would be herd­ed up like cat­tle and deposit­ed into these 11 regions. It was also dur­ing this time that if you dared to speak of megac­i­ties con­cept, peo­ple would just roll their eyes and call you a “con­spir­a­cy the­o­rist”. Times are changing.

In the present time, locat­ing the pub­licly avail­able infor­ma­tion on the megac­i­ties top­ic is child’s play. In fact, I am quite shocked that more of my col­leagues in the truth­ful media are not immersed in this top­ic and shout­ing from the rooftops about the impli­ca­tions posed by the imple­men­ta­tion of these 11 urban areas to our col­lec­tives lives, lib­er­ties, prop­er­ties and our very existence.

The Truth About Megac­i­ties Is Out In the Open

Where ever you find a bold new ini­tia­tive relat­ed to the plans of the glob­al elite, you will find doc­u­men­ta­tion aris­ing from var­i­ous think tank orga­ni­za­tions in sup­port of these goals. With regard to the com­ing forced sub­ju­ga­tion of the Amer­i­can pop­u­la­tion to the “stack and pack” megac­i­ties, two impor­tant papers, the 3‑D: Infra­struc­ture for California’s Future and the Nation­al Acad­e­my of Pub­lic Administration’s “Mem­os to Nation­al Lead­ers: Part­ner­ships as Fis­cal Pol­i­cy”, jump to the front of the line in espous­ing the megac­i­ties concept.

These papers focus on how tax restruc­tur­ing can be used to finance and build the new megac­i­ties. I wrote about these tax plans ema­nat­ing from Obama’s com­mu­ni­ty activist men­tor, Mike Krulig and his group known as Build­ing One Amer­i­ca, in a pre­vi­ous arti­cle. These papers details the plan to depop­u­late and destroy the sub­urbs and the rur­al areas of Amer­i­ca while divert­ing the tax base derived from the sub­urbs and rur­al towns, cities and coun­ties and using that mon­ey to con­struct the infra­struc­ture of the megacities.

The Plan to Enslave America

The trade­marked tag line for my show, The Com­mon Sense Show, Free­ing Amer­i­ca One Enslaved Mind At a Time, was con­scious­ly cho­sen to rep­re­sent the brain­wash­ing that Amer­i­cans face with regard to the crit­i­cal issues fac­ing our country.

The CFR, no longer a secret.

The CFR, no longer a secret.

I grew up in an era where the media scoffed at the exis­tence of the Coun­cil on For­eign Rela­tions (CFR) and the Tri­lat­er­al Com­mis­sion and their goals for cre­at­ing a one world gov­ern­ment and eco­nom­ic sys­tem. Today, promi­nent politi­cians, such as Hillary Clin­ton, make press state­ments with the CFR logo in the back­ground as if to sig­nal her alle­giance to their glob­al­ist goals. Agen­da 21 is going through a sim­i­lar trans­for­ma­tion. The pur­vey­ors of the new sys­tem don’t care if you know the truth because they believe that their plans are so far advanced that there is noth­ing you can do to stop the con­tin­ued imple­men­ta­tion. Con­tin­ued imple­men­ta­tion, you ask? Need I say more about our col­lec­tive ignorance…?

What will these megac­i­ties look like? How will they func­tion? Let me just say that if the aver­age per­son under­stood what the final prod­uct is going to look like, the back­lash from the pop­u­lace would make the riot­ing im Fer­gu­son, MO. look like a pic­nic by comparison.

A Snap­shot of the Future

There are a num­ber of promi­nent play­ers emerg­ing in this enslave­ment of Amer­i­ca and one has tak­en cen­ter stage and it is called “Amer­i­ca 2050“.

When Amer­i­cans begin their morn­ing as they depart their high rise “Stack and Pack” apart­ment build­ing, they will be imme­di­ate­ly scanned, iden­ti­fied and fol­lowed by the Intel­listreet light poles. The light poles, already have been beta-test­ed in Farm­ing­ton Hills, MI. and in Birm­ing­ham, UK., will scan you for weapons after iden­ti­fy­ing you. It will have the capa­bil­i­ty to speak to you (i.e. “Don’t jay­walk Mr. Smith), issue sum­mons to be mailed to your com­put­er and noti­fy the police of your loca­tion to the police if you have a war­rant for your arrest. In the last line of the fol­low­ing man­u­fac­tur­er video on Intel­listreets, they admit to hous­ing Depart­ment of Home­land Secu­ri­ty fea­tures, but the video does not elaborate.

I have been made privy to the new tech­nol­o­gy which is being rolled out in cities like Las Vegas and var­i­ous col­lege cam­pus­es as I write these words.

Some of the DHS fea­tures would include what is loose­ly referred to as “mind-read­ing tech­nol­o­gy”. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is invest­ing $70 mil­lion to devel­op a new implant that can track, and respond to, brain sig­nals in real time. In the sum­mer of 2013, I was con­tact­ed by an anony­mous source who want­ed to come on my show and expose a DARPA pro­gram of mind-read­ing being researched and imple­ment­ed at Ari­zona State Uni­ver­si­ty. Less than two days before his sched­uled appear­ance, he backed out sight­ing fears for his life. Con­fir­ma­tion for the involve­ment of Ari­zona State Uni­ver­si­ty in this project is con­firmed here.

In short, Intel­listreets is part of the over­all Smart­grid sys­tem which will have the capac­i­ty to con­trol 100% of your ener­gy usage and, as we can now see, this sys­tem will mon­i­tor the pop­u­la­tion for dis­si­dent think­ing and plan­ning, pre­sum­ably with the goals of elim­i­nat­ing any and all dissent.

Promi­nent sci­en­tists such as glob­al­ist ser­vant, Michail Fragkias, who serves as the chief sci­en­tist for the UIN’s “Plan­et under Pres­sure” bold­ly states in his best Fabi­an Social­ist voice that peo­ple should be required to reside in dense­ly pop­u­lat­ed cities because “we cer­tain­ly don’t want them strolling about the entire coun­try­side. We want them to save land for nature by liv­ing close­ly together.”

Sci­en­tists, such as Fragkias, are devel­op­ing tech­nol­o­gy which would seem quite unbe­liev­able to the aver­age per­son. Amer­i­cans will be liv­ing in 300 square foot apart­ments, in build­ings that con­tains fur­ni­ture that folds into the wall and tele­vi­sions that can become translu­cent or opaque upon com­mand. The com­mon­ers will not own cars and as did feu­dal serfs, from cen­turies ago, the aver­age per­son will nev­er stray more than a few miles from their home base.

Trans-American Freight Network

Trans-Amer­i­can Freight Network


Phasing Plan for High-Speed Rail

Phas­ing Plan for High-Speed Rail

The Amer­i­ca 2050 plans include high speed bul­let trains which will only be used to con­nect the 11 megac­i­ties. These fed­er­al­ly fund­ed projects are already under­way. Does your city have light rail? If so, your com­mu­ni­ty is already a par­tic­i­pant. New York City, San Fran­cis­co, Chica­go, Ft. Collins, CO. are just a few of the many com­mu­ni­ties that are build­ing micro apartments.

Don’t pack too much, your future living quarters are being downsized.

Don’t pack too much, your future liv­ing quar­ters are being downsized.

How Will the Peo­ple Be Moved Into the Stack and Packs?

As I have pre­vi­ous­ly point­ed out, in Chi­na they are mov­ing rebel­lious rur­al area res­i­dents, from the out­ly­ing provinces, into the stack and pack cities, dubbed “Ghost Cities”, and they are doing so by force and at the rate of one mil­lion cit­i­zens per month.

In the Unit­ed States, food will be the weapon of choice that will be used to be move peo­ple to the tar­get areas. Today, peo­ple are being nudged by EPA and BLM poli­cies to the inner city areas. In tomorrow’s world, food will be the enticer to move peo­ple to the inner city. With small farm­ers out of the way, only large cor­po­rate farms will exist.

A promi­nent play­er in the new megac­i­ties con­cept is Ecoc­i­ty Builders. They espouse the four fol­low­ing beliefs:

• Human set­tle­ments mod­eled after sus­tain­able devel­op­ment that func­tions with nat­ur­al ecosys­tems and liv­ing organisms
• Reduce the inhab­i­tants eco­log­i­cal impact on the environment
• Restora­tion of ecosys­tems after the recol­o­niza­tion of humans into dense cities
• Sus­tain­able liv­ing under Agen­da 21 sup­ports region­al, nation­al and glob­al eco­nom­ic systems

Please note the phrase “recol­o­niza­tionof humans into dense cities”. Does the term “recol­o­niza­tion” real­ly need any fur­ther explanation?


The New Math

Thanks to Ted Turner for making it clear what the globalists truly want.

Thanks to Ted Turn­er for mak­ing it clear what the glob­al­ists tru­ly want.

Chi­na present­ly has 65 mil­lion micro apart­ments that are vacant. For­get­ting the Chi­nese one child pol­i­cy, let’s assume that the Chi­nese have four occu­pants per unit.

65,000,000 x 4= 260 mil­lion Chi­nese res­i­dents with a home

Here is a sec­ond math prob­lem that fig­ures promi­nent­ly into the future of the Chi­nese and their present 1.2 bil­lion citizens:


1, 200, 000, 000 Chi­nese Cit­i­zens- 260, 000, 000 Chi­nese with homes


940,000,000 miss­ing Chinese


Amer­i­ca has a sim­i­lar math prob­lem . Today, our esti­mat­ed pop­u­la­tion is 310 mil­lion peo­ple. Yet, the 11 megac­i­ties are only expect­ed to house six mil­lion peo­ple each.


310,000,000 mil­lion Amer­i­cans – 66,000,000 megac­i­ty dwellers


244,000,000 miss­ing Americans