Ten Little Fingers: Common Core Debated

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May 23, 2014

Over 150 parents, educators and other interested members of the community came to hear a panel of experts spell out the myriad of problems with the Common Core State Standards Initiative and student data mining. Kevin Snider of the Pacific Justice Institute moderated as Anthony Cody, Bill Evers, Orlean Koehle and Ze’ev Wurman laid out clearly and concisely how the new standards:
1. Reverse hard-fought gains in California education
2. Reduce local control and parental authority
3. Threaten student privacy rights.

This forum was put on by parents at their own time and expense, it also allowed for members of the audience to ask their questions of the panelists.

The Forum also provided a website where interested parties can further research the advantages and problems with the Common Core State Standards Initiative. That website can be found at: https://sites.google.com/site/CCforumPH/home. Interested parties are encouraged to check back regularly, as the organizers continue to update the site with pertinent information.

Segment outline
00:00:38 Overview – SALLY WOOD
00:04:59 Pro-Common Core video
00:10:18 Some local CC facts – JEANNE WISNIEWSKI
00:11:45 Introduction – KEVIN SNIDER
00:12:10 Panelist Opening statements
00:13:21 – ZE’VE WURMAN
00:18:47 – ORLEAN KOEHLE
00:22:12 – BILL EVERS
00:25:44 – ANTHONY CODY
00:29:33 Who are the creators of the CC state standards? – BILL EVERS
00:30:35 Why have so many states signed on? – ANTHONY CODY
00:33:25 Is CC superior to most states standards? – ZE’VE WURMAN
00:35:11 Are states supplying the feds with student data? – ORLEAN KOEHLE
00:36:53 – BILL EVERS
00:38:27 Can states implement CCSS however they choose? – ANTHONY CODY
00:40:14 – ZE’VE WURMAN
00:41:11 Are CCSS tougher. What does that mean? – ZE’VE WURMAN
00:42:52 Were all states incentivized to build State Longitudinal Data Systems? ORLEAN KOEHLE
00:45:05 Permanent Data file. – BILL EVERS
00:46:09 – ZE’VE WURMAN
00:47:22 – ANTHONY CODY
00:49:05 – BILL EVERS
00:49:58 What are Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance? – BILL EVERS
00:52:01 – ZE’VE WURMAN
00:52:19 – ORLEAN KOEHLE
00:53:49 – BILL EVERS
00:55:02 What’s the difference in data collected now and under CC? – ANTHONY CODY
00:56:48 To get money, you must play ball – BILL EVERS
00:58:22 – ANTHONY CODY
01:00:45 What is the cost to California? – ZE’VE WURMAN
01:04:38 Is it a good idea to opt your student out of tests? – ORLEAN KOEHLE
01:06:29 – BILL EVERS
01:07:27 Audience Questions
01:07:56 – Will tere be required texts for the kids?
01:11:17 – Health dangers of WiFI?
01:14:24 – How will students be penalized for not taking tests?
01:17:15 – Too rigorous for young, not enough for older students
01:21:04 – Will students be required to read “The Bluest Eyes”?
01:27:50 – Punishments for students and teachers; How do we deal with the unions?
01:29:06 – Home-schooled and the tests
01:30:47 – Will we be forced away from home schooling and private education?
01:32:49 – Where do bi-lingual children fall into this?
01:34:28 Closing Statements
01:34:47 – ANTHONY CODY
01:36:42 – BILL EVERS
01:39:37 – ORLEAN KOEHLE
01:41:43 – ZE’VE WURMAN
01:43:12 Do you think it’s important to go to City Council meetings?
01:44:58 – ANTHONY CODY
01:45:32 – ORLEAN KOEHLE
01:45:59 Websites – BILL EVERS
01:47:49 Closing – SALLY WOOD