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Agenda 21 = Death

U.N.‘s urban plan­ning pro­gram turns the pop­u­la­tion into mere serfs who are eas­i­ly con­trolled by the gov­ern­ment July 1, 2014 Signed in 1992 by mul­ti­ple nations, includ­ing the Unit­ed States, the Unit­ed Nations Agen­da 21 Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment pro­gram is an urban plan­ning “action plan” which calls for gov­ern­ment to even­tu­al­ly take con­trol of all land use […]

Sure smart home tech is cool. But how much does it save you?

July 6, 2014 Smart home tech­nol­o­gy is con­ve­nient, state-of-the-art and unde­ni­ably cool. But does it help where it real­ly matters—in con­sumers’ pock­et? The grow­ing mar­ket ranges from Wi-Fi ther­mome­ters to auto­mat­ed kitchen appli­ances and air con­di­tion­ers. Yet a cen­tral ques­tion remains: Do these bells and whistles—and the tech­nol­o­gy that helps them run—actually help con­sumers save money […]


Our chil­dren are being exploit­ed. This exploita­tion must be stopped. This time I am not speak­ing about Sta­cy Lynne or Moni­ka Wesolows­ki, both moth­ers, who have had their chil­dren ripped away from them in polit­i­cal retal­i­a­tion for their beliefs. In this arti­cle, I am not iden­ti­fy­ing the unimag­in­able hor­rors of CPS and the dev­as­ta­tion that […]

Wildlands Project, Agenda 21, and its Future Enforcers

In order to under­stand the ratio­nal behind what has tak­en place at the Bundy Ranch in Clark Coun­ty, Neva­da, it is vital to under­stand some of the mind­set behind it. The Unit­ed Nations now has a great deal of con­trol over what hap­pens in Unit­ed States’ land, large­ly but not only fed­er­al own­er­ship and/or control. […]

Agenda 21 For Dummies: New World Order Depopulation Exposed

July 15, 2012 Agen­da 21 explained very well. Includ­ing impli­ca­tions it will have on human­i­ty. Opin­ions with­in the video come in some cas­es from those that were in on the nego­ti­a­tions. Tru­ly an inter­est­ing watch.

Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover

April 20 2014 It’s time for West­ern states to take con­trol of fed­er­al lands with­in their bor­ders, law­mak­ers and coun­ty com­mis­sion­ers from West­ern states said at Utah’s Capi­tol on Fri­day. More than 50 polit­i­cal lead­ers from nine states con­vened for the first time to talk about their joint goal: wrest­ing con­trol of oil‑, tim­ber ‑and mineral-rich […]

Agenda 21? What is Agenda 21?

April 15, 2014 Most peo­ple have nev­er heard of Agen­da 21. If they have heard of it, they like­ly believe it to be a vague Unit­ed Nations pro­gram that will nev­er see the light of day, or they believe it is imag­ined by con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists. Yet, the prin­ci­ples con­tained in Agen­da 21 are at the heart […]

Local communities face onslaught from self-anointed planners

April 25, 2014 A grow­ing num­ber of ini­tia­tives by elit­ist orga­ni­za­tions, work­ing hand-in-glove with local kin­dred spir­its, is trans­form­ing once-self-gov­­ern­ing com­mu­ni­ties into instru­ments of envi­ron­men­tal polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness. Cloaked in the man­tle of pro­vid­ing for “sus­tain­able” or “liv­able” com­mu­ni­ties, these pro­grams include such fash­ion­able ideas as “open space,” “her­itage areas,” “view sheds,” ”smart growth,” “clean ener­gy,” and […]