Letter: Billionaires and U.N. agendas

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Kudos to Matt Grocott for addressing U.N. Agenda 21 in Sue Lempert’s column in the July 21 edition of the Daily Journal. The idea of a “U.N. plot” sounds nutty at first, until you realize the U.N. acts largely as a front for the billionaires and politicos pushing this agenda. Recall that Rockefeller funded the U.N. headquarters in New York City; Ted Turner donated $1 billion to the U.N. Gates has given $26 billion to “philanthropy” — much to U.N. programs; Buffett gave $31 billion to Gates. Apparently these globalists love Agenda 21, essentially a two-tiered totalitarian system — everything severely rationed for us — food, water, housing, energy, land-use, health care, etc. — and limitless for the ruling elite.

In 2009, Rockefeller, Gates, Soros, Turner and Buffett gathered for a “let’s change the world” meeting. When these multi-billionaires dine together, we the people are on the menu. They have the combined power of a mighty country — one potentially hostile to America’s freedom and sovereignty.

Agenda 21, aka “Sustainable Development,” calls for “human settlements” in “transit villages” with only public transit, no cars. Interestingly, San Carlos already has an approved transit village, and the planned “Grand Boulevard Initiative” would turn El Camino Real into mainly a bus route. Furthermore, “Plan Bay Area,” a regional blueprint for all our cities, co-opts local control, rezones your property out from under you and forces urbanized high-density housing projects on our suburbs — all consistent with Agenda 21’s template. Residents should educate themselves and protest these regional plans that trump individual rights while urbanizing and homogenizing our cities. Our freedom hangs in the balance.

Cherie Zaslawsky

Menlo Park