Letter: Billionaires and U.N. agendas

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Kudos to Matt Gro­cott for address­ing U.N. Agen­da 21 in Sue Lempert’s col­umn in the July 21 edi­tion of the Dai­ly Jour­nal. The idea of a “U.N. plot” sounds nut­ty at first, until you real­ize the U.N. acts large­ly as a front for the bil­lion­aires and politi­cos push­ing this agen­da. Recall that Rock­e­feller fund­ed the U.N. head­quar­ters in New York City; Ted Turn­er donat­ed $1 bil­lion to the U.N. Gates has giv­en $26 bil­lion to “phil­an­thropy” — much to U.N. pro­grams; Buf­fett gave $31 bil­lion to Gates. Appar­ent­ly these glob­al­ists love Agen­da 21, essen­tial­ly a two-tiered total­i­tar­i­an sys­tem — every­thing severe­ly rationed for us — food, water, hous­ing, ener­gy, land-use, health care, etc. — and lim­it­less for the rul­ing elite.

In 2009, Rock­e­feller, Gates, Soros, Turn­er and Buf­fett gath­ered for a “let’s change the world” meet­ing. When these mul­ti-bil­lion­aires dine togeth­er, we the peo­ple are on the menu. They have the com­bined pow­er of a mighty coun­try — one poten­tial­ly hos­tile to America’s free­dom and sovereignty.

Agen­da 21, aka “Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment,” calls for “human set­tle­ments” in “tran­sit vil­lages” with only pub­lic tran­sit, no cars. Inter­est­ing­ly, San Car­los already has an approved tran­sit vil­lage, and the planned “Grand Boule­vard Ini­tia­tive” would turn El Camino Real into main­ly a bus route. Fur­ther­more, “Plan Bay Area,” a region­al blue­print for all our cities, co-opts local con­trol, rezones your prop­er­ty out from under you and forces urban­ized high-den­si­ty hous­ing projects on our sub­urbs — all con­sis­tent with Agen­da 21’s tem­plate. Res­i­dents should edu­cate them­selves and protest these region­al plans that trump indi­vid­ual rights while urban­iz­ing and homog­e­niz­ing our cities. Our free­dom hangs in the balance.

Cherie Zaslawsky

Men­lo Park