Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions

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Mon­day, June 23, 2014

(Nat­u­ral­News) When drug com­pa­nies are caught fak­ing clin­i­cal tri­al data, no one is sur­prised any­more. When vac­cine man­u­fac­tur­ers spike their human tri­al sam­ples with ani­mal anti­bod­ies to make sure their vac­cines appear to work, we all just fig­ure that’s how they do busi­ness: lying, cheat­ing, deceiv­ing and vio­lat­ing the law.

Now, in what might be the largest sci­en­tif­ic fraud ever uncov­ered, NASA and the NOAA have been caught red-hand­ed alter­ing his­tor­i­cal tem­per­a­ture data to pro­duce a “cli­mate change nar­ra­tive” that defies real­i­ty. This find­ing, orig­i­nal­ly doc­u­ment­ed on the Real Sci­ence web­site, is detailed here.

We now know that his­tor­i­cal tem­per­a­ture data for the con­ti­nen­tal Unit­ed States were delib­er­ate­ly altered by NASA and NOAA sci­en­tists in a polit­i­cal­ly-moti­vat­ed attempt to rewrite his­to­ry and claim glob­al warm­ing is caus­ing U.S. tem­per­a­tures to trend upward. The data actu­al­ly show that we are in a cool­ing trend, not a warm­ing trend (see charts below).

This sto­ry is start­ing to break world­wide right now across the media, with The Tele­graph now report­ing (1), “NOAA’s US His­tor­i­cal Cli­ma­tol­ogy Net­work (USHCN) has been ‘adjust­ing’ its record by replac­ing real tem­per­a­tures with data ‘fab­ri­cat­ed’ by com­put­er models.”

Because the actu­al his­tor­i­cal tem­per­a­ture record does­n’t fit the fren­zied, dooms­day nar­ra­tive of glob­al warm­ing being front­ed today on the polit­i­cal stage, the data were sim­ply altered using “com­put­er mod­els” and then pub­lished as fact.
Here’s the proof of the cli­mate change fraud

Here’s the chart of U.S. tem­per­a­tures pub­lished by NASA in 1999. It shows the high­est tem­per­a­tures actu­al­ly occurred in the 1930’s, fol­lowed by a cool­ing trend ramp­ing down­ward to the year 2000:

The authen­tic­i­ty of this chart is not in ques­tion. It is pub­lished by James Hansen on NASA’s web­site. (2) On that page, Hansen even wrote, “Empir­i­cal evi­dence does not lend much sup­port to the notion that cli­mate is head­ed pre­cip­i­tate­ly toward more extreme heat and drought.”

After the Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion took office, how­ev­er, and start­ed push­ing the glob­al warm­ing nar­ra­tive for polit­i­cal pur­pos­es, NASA was direct­ed to alter its his­tor­i­cal data in order to reverse the cool­ing trend and show a warm­ing trend instead. This was accom­plished using cli­mate-mod­el­ing com­put­ers that sim­ply fab­ri­cat­ed the data the researchers wished to see instead of what was actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing in the real world.

Using the exact same data found in the chart shown above (with a few years of addi­tion­al data after 2000), NASA man­aged to mis­lead­ing­ly dis­tort the chart to depict the appear­ance of glob­al warming:

The authen­tic­i­ty of this chart is also not in ques­tion. It can be found right now on NASA’s servers. (4)

This new, altered chart shows that his­tor­i­cal data — espe­cial­ly the severe heat and droughts expe­ri­enced in the 1930’s — are now sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly sup­pressed to make them appear cool­er than they real­ly were. At the same time, tem­per­a­ture data from the 1970’s to 2010 are strong­ly exag­ger­at­ed to make them appear warmer than they real­ly were.

This is a clear case of sci­en­tif­ic fraud being car­ried out on a grand scale in order to deceive the entire world about glob­al warming.
EPA data also con­firm the glob­al warm­ing hoax

What’s even more inter­est­ing is that even the EPA’s “Heat Wave Index” data fur­ther sup­port the notion that the U.S. was far hot­ter in the 1930’s than it is today.

The fol­low­ing chart, pub­lished on the web­site (4), clear­ly shows mod­ern-day heat waves are far small­er and less severe than those of the 1930’s. In fact, the seem­ing­ly “extreme” heat waves of the last few years were no worse than those of the ear­ly 1900’s or 1950’s.

US Heat Wave Index
Short-sight­ed agri­cul­tur­al prac­tices cause more glob­al warm­ing than CO2

See­ing these charts, you might won­der how the extreme­ly high tem­per­a­tures of the 1930’s came about. Were we releas­ing too much CO2 by burn­ing fos­sil fuels?

Nope. That entire episode of mas­sive warm­ing and drought was caused by con­ven­tion­al agri­cul­tur­al prac­tices that clear-cut forests, poi­soned the soils with chem­i­cals and plowed the top soil away. Lack­ing trees to retain mois­ture, areas that were once thriv­ing plains, grass­lands and forests turned to desert. Sud­den­ly, the cool­ing effects of mois­ture tran­spi­ra­tion from healthy plant ecosys­tems was lost, caus­ing extreme tem­per­a­tures and dead­ly drought.

Short­sight­ed agri­cul­tur­al prac­tices, in oth­er words, real­ly did cause “warm­ing,” while a restora­tion of a more nat­ur­al ecosys­tem reversed the trend and cooled the region.
Refor­esta­tion is the answer

This brings us to the sim­ple, obvi­ous solu­tion to all this. If you want to cool the plan­et, focus on refor­esta­tion efforts. If you want to retain mois­ture and keep your soils alive, you need diverse plant-based ecosys­tems, not clear-cut fields run­ning mono­cul­ture operations.

Forests act like sponges that soak up rain­wa­ter, and then they turn around and slow­ly release that water back into the air, “mois­tur­iz­ing” the atmos­phere and keep­ing humid­i­ty lev­els high enough to sup­port oth­er near­by grass­es, shrubs and plants. When you clear-cut forests — as has been done all across the world to make room for mech­a­nized agri­cul­ture — you effec­tive­ly raise tem­per­a­tures by elim­i­nat­ing nature’s plant-based water reten­tion and cool­ing systems.

Indus­tri­al­ized farm­ing, in oth­er words, has already been his­tor­i­cal­ly shown to rad­i­cal­ly increase con­ti­nen­tal tem­per­a­tures and “warm” the region. So why isn’t the White House warn­ing the world about the dan­gers of indus­tri­al­ized agriculture?

The answer: Because it does­n’t accom­plish any­thing that’s polit­i­cal­ly impor­tant to this admin­is­tra­tion. It’s far more impor­tant to use the false pan­ic of glob­al warm­ing to shut down clean coal pow­er plants (U.S. coal plants are FAR clean­er than Chi­na’s) and dri­ve the pop­u­la­tion into a state of sub­servient obe­di­ence through dooms­day scare tactics.
Now we con­clu­sive­ly know the gov­ern­ment is lying about glob­al warming

As an envi­ron­men­tal­ist, I’m always con­cerned about pol­lu­tants and emis­sions, espe­cial­ly heavy met­als being dumped into the atmos­phere. But I’ve also learned over the years that almost every­thing the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment aggres­sive­ly pro­motes to the pub­lic is a bla­tant lie. Rarely does any­thing resem­bling the truth ever come out of Wash­ing­ton D.C.

These peo­ple are experts at lying with bad sci­ence, hid­ing their decep­tions behind the cov­er of “sci­en­tif­ic think­ing” and mak­ing out­landish claims such as say­ing that any­one who does­n’t believe their fab­ri­cat­ed data must also believe the Earth is flat. Remem­ber, the peo­ple who are telling you that burn­ing fos­sils fuels is caus­ing run­away glob­al warm­ing are the very same peo­ple who also claim mer­cury in vac­cines is safe to inject in unlim­it­ed quan­ti­ties, tox­ins in GMOs are safe to eat, chemother­a­py works great for can­cer patients and that there’s no such thing as any food or nutri­ent that pre­vents disease.

These are the same gov­ern­ment peo­ple who build mas­sive net­works of under­ground bunkers and caves in com­plete secre­cy while pub­licly claim­ing prep­pers are con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists. It’s the same gov­ern­ment that lied about run­ning inhu­mane med­ical exper­i­ments on pris­on­ers via the Nation­al Insti­tutes of Health, then got caught and had to apol­o­gize decades later.

If you think this same gov­ern­ment is telling you the truth about glob­al warm­ing, you prob­a­bly need to have your head exam­ined. But not by a gov­ern­ment-licensed psy­chi­a­trist, or she’ll dose your head full of psy­chi­atric med­ica­tions that cause you to lose so much of your cog­ni­tive func­tion, you’ll actu­al­ly start to believe CNN’s broadcasts.

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