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Letter: Billionaires and U.N. agendas

Edi­tor, Kudos to Matt Gro­cott for address­ing U.N. Agen­da 21 in Sue Lempert’s col­umn in the July 21 edi­tion of the Dai­ly Jour­nal. The idea of a “U.N. plot” sounds nut­ty at first, until you real­ize the U.N. acts large­ly as a front for the bil­lion­aires and politi­cos push­ing this agen­da. Recall that Rock­e­feller funded […]

Weather Channel Founder on Climate Change: It’s “a Fictional, Manufactured Crisis”

Do you think that the founder of The Weath­er Chan­nels might be an author­i­ty worth lis­ten­ing to when it comes to glob­al warm­ing? It would cer­tain­ly seem to rea­son that a man who made a career out of study­ing the weath­er might be more of an author­i­ty than glob­al­ist Al Gore.

This May Be The Biggest Problem With America’s ‘Common Core’ Education Standards

The Com­mon Core — a set of edu­ca­tion stan­dards adopt­ed by near­ly every U.S. state — was built on the idea that stu­dents should be able to think crit­i­cal­ly rather than just mem­o­rize mate­r­i­al for tests. It’s a good goal. A com­mon and valid crit­i­cism of Amer­i­can edu­ca­tion is that it focus­es too much on rote […]

Two Moms vs. Common Core

Indi­ana has become the first state to retreat from the Com­mon Core stan­dards, as Gov­er­nor Mike Pence (in 2013) signed a bill sus­pend­ing their imple­men­ta­tion. A great deal has been writ­ten and spo­ken about Com­mon Core, but it is worth rehears­ing the out­lines again. Com­mon Core is a set of math and Eng­lish stan­dards devel­oped large­ly with […]