Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2014

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Summary: More evidence that the American soviet agencies and the public private partnership participants are seeking a widening pursuit in the abolition of private property and the advance of political Regionalism. The focus here is rural landowners. America’s resources are being gathered in order to centralize power.

“They are moving fast.” – Heather Gass

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Join Us at Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2014!

New Orleans, Louisiana is the site of NatureServe’s next Biodiversity Without Boundaries (BWB) conference, taking place from April 6-10, 2014. BWB is where the NatureServe network, our partners, and our friends gather to celebrate our successes, collaborate on new initiatives, share our innovations, and design the future. More than ever, we’ll be emphasizing education, working sessions, and networking. Join us in our discussions about how we are providing, and how we can continue to provide, the scientific basis for effective conservation.

With one of the world’s most fascinating cities as the backdrop, NatureServe and the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program are planning a full and satisfying conference. NatureServe Methodology Training will be offered Saturday through Monday. Sunday’s field trips will explore southern Louisiana’s beautiful and diverse wildlands – cypress-tupelo swamps, bays, marshes, mangroves, bottomland hardwood forests, chenier woodlands, and remnant prairies. Workshops will explore how member programs can stay relevant in an increasingly competitive environment, and how to design a program to provide the basis for effective conservation action. Other highlights include the member program awards reception, and the NatureServe Conservation Award dinner (past winners include Walt Reid, William Ruckelshaus, and E.O. Wilson).

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